“Terri, Terri! Wake up. We have to prepare breakfast. We have to get showered, and dressed up before we do.” encouraged Trixie.

I rolled over on my back and last night came rushing back to me. “My ass Is sore.” I moaned.

“Meet me in the shower, OK?” asked Trixie.

“I’m coming.” I notice Trixie had tidied up, picked up our clothing and our accessories we flung off last night.

The shower felt so good and Trixie washed me with a soft bodywash sponge with a lilac scented soap. She/he rubbed my tender ass very softly, turned me and with soapy hand pulled back my foreskin and washed my peepee, balls and asshole. I’ve never had anyone wash me quite like that. She then took a razor and freshen up my already smooth body. I stepped out of the shower and Trixie washed and shaved also.

Dried off, Trixie began to remove lingerie from the draws in my room. We put on the Maids Uniform; corsets, stockings, panties, dress and Trixie did my makeup and put on my red hair wig She then did her own makeup and wig and finally put on lace low-heeled shoes.

“I’ve done this breakfast, same thing, often for Mistress Mommy and Mistress Cindy.” said Trixie.

In the kitchen Trixie told me what to do as we prepared the breakfast for 6 people, and set the dining room table. About 8:45, Mistress Aunty and Mistress Cindy came and got themselves each a coffee and went to the dining room. Shortly after that, the doorbell range. Trixie ran and welcomed the guests. I remembered we were having Ivy and her 3 sons coming for breakfast. Trixie showed them into the dining room telling me to bring the coffee.

WOW! Ivy’s sons were tall and all muscle. Now I know why Trixie prepared so much food. They were very polite and never paid any attention to Trixie and I as we served. When they asked for more, we loaded their plates a second time and kept the coffee coming.

When everyone was finished and we removed the dishes from the table, Mistress Aunty Hazel called Trixie and I into the dining room. She introduced the 3 boys.

“Sissy slut Terri, I want you to meet Ivy’s three sons; Julio, Shane and Sean here, the youngest. Aren’t they handsome?” She waited for a reply!

“OH, yes Mistress Aunty! Very Handsome.” came my reply! I estimated the older one, Julio would be university age and the other two younger. Each one stood up from the table, took me firmly in their arms and kissed me full on the mouth, with tongue. My eyes just about popped out of my head in surprise. By the time the youngest, Sean embraced me, I knew what to expect. I have never been kissed like that before; by a man and so authoritative.

“The boys will be back later this evening. They have to work today. They mow lawns all summer for affluent families and are paid well.” informed my aunt.