OMG, Nooooooo, it has just been announced that the whole country will be going into lockdown.

It seems that there is new virus going around attacking everyone’s respiratory system and causing them to become unwell, getting some distressing symptoms.

Thankfully, I am not going to be alone during the lockdown I’ve got my stepbrother Cole here.

He’s my dad’s new wife’s son. Thankfully, he is similar age to me so we got lots in common: Both gamers, both play for our local soccer teams and love to have our time working out at the gym and protein shakes after.

Although we don’t always see eye to eye with everything we always try to at-least be civil to each other for our parents’ sakes.

I need to get some supplies from the store because who knows how long this lockdown is going to be for. I have my protein shake powder, got myself a home gym equipment sorted so I can at least work out during this period.

Sitting down for dinner that night the conversation on everyone’s lips is all about this lockdown and what is going on in the news. We have made sure that we got stocked up with all the essentials needed so we know we are safe.

After dinner, I make my excuses and retire to my bedroom and just switch on my console, put my headset on and start listening to the movie at the beginning of the game.

Short while later I hear a faint knock on my door through my headphones, It’s Cole. It’s not even been a day of lockdown and yet he already wants to come join me on the console.

He makes polite conversation and small talk making hints that he has noticed I’ve got myself a home gym equipment set. I make my excuses and he leaves me to continue on my game and leaves the room.

Lockdown continues and days just feel like they are now dragging. Finding things to do is proving more difficult that I thought. Social media updated, Pic’s of my body progress uploaded and filtered to show the whole definition in each of my abs. My biceps are looking bulging, my tattoos on my arms are chest are standing out and I’m pulling a cheeky pokey out tongue smile with little wink.

Boredom is really making me tired for unknown reasons and the weather outside is hot and here I am stuck inside not able to do much.

I put on my short shorts, go outside in the sunshine, perch on a sun lounger, and read a good book, The Da Vinci series has always been a favourite of mine so why not re-read them, it has been a while and it passes the time.

The sun is blazing down on my chest; I feel my skin starting to burn so I go into the kitchen and find some sun lotion to apply. I see Cole sat there eating his lunch checking through his social media.