My name’s John, I’m a 39 year old gay guy and I broke up with my boyfriend nearly a year ago. With him gone, I decided to rent out the spare bedrooms in my house and three straight business guys are my tenants. It’s ideal as we share a kitchen , lounge and bathroom, they’re rarely at home, going out to work early in the morning and returning fairly late at night. They go home and spend weekends with their families, two are married with k**s and the other had a girlfriend but they recently split up.
The Covid19 lockdown took us by surprise but the two married guys were already at home so didn’t return to the house. The other guy Simon, a sexy mid twenties guy, stayed on, as his parents lived in France , which had already locked down. Now was a chance to get to know him and it came sooner than I thought !
Sharing a bathroom with the guys was no problem, occasionally I’d be brushing my teeth when there’d be a knock at the door and they’d asked was it alright to take a piss. It was fine in fact very enjoyable as a caught a glimpse of three different, beautiful cocks. Simon’s was my favourite, quite thick and about 6 inches when soft. I found him very sexy especially when I saw his hairy chest one morning and began to image him bollock naked and hard…….. I should be so lucky !
I had just started to shower one morning when the bathroom door burst open and Simon completely naked and with a raging hard on, rushed in. He saw me and said ” oh fuck John, I’m sorry but I desperately need to piss. I was having a really horny dream, fucking a Brazilian chick with huge tits, from behind. She wanted to be fucked up her arse and I was riding her hard when I put my hand around to play with her clit when, fuck me, she had a huge cock ! I think the shock of it made me wake up, my cock hard as steel and urgently needing to piss, mind you my cock’s so hard I’ll be pissing on the ceiling and not the toilet”
“No problem Simon, I said, get in beside me and piss in the shower, I’m just about to turn the water on ” I could see a puzzled look on his face but the urgency was too much to refuse my invitation. I was standing beside him when he started to piss, erupting like a fountain , his eyes closed with relief . I couldn’t resist the sight of his, now 8 inch erect cock, piss fountaining out of it. I quickly sank to my knees, opened my mouth and let the stream flow over my tongue, filling my throat and spilling out of my mouth, I pulled back and let the piss stream over my head, flow down my face over my chest, and belly, the hot piss running over my cock which began to harden.
” What the fuck John”, I looked up to see Simon, his eyes wide open in shock, a horrified look on his face. “Chill Simon, I said, it’s no big deal, just a little kink that being gay I like, It doesn’t mean I’m coming onto you. My hand was on his thigh and mouth still near his cock, he looked dumbstruck as I sucked his mighty rod into my mouth and began to suck it , while gently stroking his thigh. He quickly began to moan and said “fuck, that’s good, it feels so much better than when my girlfriend blew me” I eased my mouth off his cock and replied “that’s because only another man knows the feeling he’s giving when sucking another guy’s cock ” He muttered his agreement while I got back to pleasuring him. My hand was on his shaft and I slid my other hand between his legs, stroking his perineum and cupping his balls in my hand, pulling them down gently, my lips were around Simon’s big cockhead, the tip of my tongue teasing his frenulum then licking and poking it into his piss slit making him moan like fuck.
I continued to suck his cock slowly into my mouth savouring the precum which now flowed freely from it, until his hard 8 inches was fully in my mouth and touching my throat, my head bobbing back and forward on Simon’s cock. My own cock was rock hard and sticky with precum , fuck it felt great. I could feel Simon’s cock beginning to thicken, his balls full of almost ready to shoot cum. Simon was moaning like fuck, his body quivering with pleasure, he could hardly catch his breath due to my incessant sucking. All of a sudden he said ” John, I’m ready to cum, take my cock out of your mouth or I’ll be shooting my load in it ” Fuck that I thought and putting my arm around his bum pulled him hard against my mouth still sucking as I felt his cock swell, pulse and erupt a huge cum load into my mouth, which although swallowing hard , my mouth filled overflowing with his delicious creamy cum running down the side of my mouth. His cock was still pulsating as I pulled back and a stream of cum hit me on my face running down and over my chest.
Simon began to help me up until I was standing beside him again, he said “fuck that was the best blow job I’ve ever had and I couldn’t stop cumming. I suppose we need to shower now ” He’d a big smile on his face as the hot water ran over our bodies, at ease and soaping each other with shower gel, hands sliding over each other’s body gently massaging, touching and probing. We walked out of the shower and helped to towel each other down. ”What will we do next ? ” Simon asked with a smile. “Well Simon, one thing I know, lockdown’s going to be interesting for both of us and I’m sure we’ll find plenty to amuse ourselves, this is only the start there’s plenty more to cum lol “
Our story will continue in Lockdown Lust Part 2