by Williacj

The memories of my first meeting with Tara Kornely are still etched in my long term memory. I met her at Milwaukee Area Technical College’s downtown campus in early 2000, I saw her in the hallway and went up to her and we talked then I gave her my number and there was a Jamaican man who also tried talking to her a few hours after me.after a few days of not hearing from her I saw her in the computer lab and I walked up to her.

“hey Tara,how come you didn’t call me back?” i asked her

“i just didn’t call” she replied

I began to since she wasn’t feeling me, and then she walked away with a smirk on her face.”bye” she said.

So a few years down the road I was downtown doing some shopping and I saw her in the third ward, she still looked amazing, I came up to her as she was having lunch at an outdoor cafe, she didn’t remember me from school but I still talked to her, she seemed interested in having a conversation with me, toward the end of the conversation she said”you should give me your number” she immediately put it into her phone then sent me a text, i gave her a goodbye hug, not sure of what would happen next.two days later my phone rings it’s her, she wants to hang out with me, I suggest a cafe for lunch, she’s up for it, she asks me if I can catch the bus over to her place in an hour and a half, no problem for me.

Long time comin'

As I got off the bus I never imagined 16 years later I’d be walking up the street headed to her house to meet her,as i approached her house i saw her standing in her driveway waiting for my arrival she looked incredible,long red hair thick ass booty in a pair of black pants and flip flops. when she saw me her eyes widened she came up to me and gave me a long hug “omg long time no see” she said looking into my eyes as i held her in my arms.”gosh you look lovely Tara” i told her.

I asked her to fill me in.”well, I transferred from matc,and then got married to a U.S.Marshall and a few years down the road things started going downhill in our marriage so we both decided to get a divorce.”she said”Tara I’m gonna be honest with you over time I started daydreaming about you a few months after you turned me down, she licked her lips”well dude I’m up for it, I’m alone you’re alone,let’s make up for lost time” she pleaded.

She took me by the hand and led me into the house we went into her bedroom and she kicked the door shut.”nothin’ like sweaty intense sex with your college classmate in the middle of a divorce” she said. she pressed her lips against mine and we began to kiss passionately “mmhmmm” i gasped as i grabbed tara’s ass and squeezed her butt cheeks.”i’m gonna fuck you until you forget you ever married that white boy” i whispered in her ear.