Obsessive Masturbation.
Diary is blank as for meeting any new couples or single women ,
My house was in the country and very secluded so far it had been really warm weather so I spent most of my time naked and watching porn on VHS , I had about 20 hours of it and most of it had been wanked over so many times that they didn’t have much affect so I was ordering a new video every week , I always got the German ones Magma with Jeannie Pepper these videos were the sort of sex I wanted to have with cunts ,tits and cocks everywhere Maximum perversion that’s what I wanted to have.
Due to the lack of sex I was wanking more and more, when I was married there was sex everyday so now I was missing it even more and it was like a craving for a d**g , at first it was just one wank every evening then another with my morning hard on, not getting dressed my cock become a sort of relief, strumming my half hard cock all day and any time I sat down for a rest id play with the tip then it starts to grow, so two wanks a day become three.
I would watch some porn during the day for my fix and spunk but any relief I got from my orgasm didn’t last long like any drink or d**g the effects become less adding to my wanking addiction .
Even though I hadn’t met anyone there were phone calls from couples and women who had answered my adverts talking about sex always ending with another wank , My diary says 10 wanks today .there was always plenty of precum but the spunk had all but gone, the only way to stop wanking and cumming was to teach myself edging , so strumming myself all day was a better pleasure than 10 orgasms , this become quite useful in later times when meeting someone new so I didn’t cum to quick .
Then there was the vacuum pump , the instructions said to only use for a short time a day but who does that? No it was left on for hours until my foreskin was so swollen that the skin was four times longer and my cock was blue and full of blood I could feel the weight with every move when walking .the feeling was great.
John and Fiona
Things are starting to get better after my first few 3somes, They came all the way from Kent not a bad looking couple who arrived at 4pm, They were in their mid 40s and this was their first time at swinging , She had a nice blouse on with a pencil skirt black stockings and black stilettos, I gave them some drinks in the garden and after a few more we were getting on well laughing and chatting and no tension at all, so we start to talk about sex and decide at about 6pm to go up stairs, She had a good figure not too fat not too slim, tall with the sort of tits that you cant get a pencil under, We all got undressed apart from her hold up stockings, Fiona got onto the bed as John and I lay either side of her as we sucked her tits and gently run our hands in the inside of her thighs and running a finger up her nicely shaven long cunt lips , as my fingers with Johns opened her up and started to finger her she raised he knees and parted them as she gently sighed , John removed his fingers to let me have full access to her wet cunt ,I turned around so I could lick her she made more sounds by now as if to let me know what she wanted me to do ,So I pulled her body over me so we were now in a 69 , John sat back on his heels wanking him self and enjoying watching his wife with another man,
She sucked my cock gently no deep throat just very softly only having the tip in her mouth ,This I liked as it did help to hold me back , as I chewed on her long lips I sucked and gently bit her ,she really liked it as she made more and more noises I could see her arse hole expanding and contracting as she knelt over my face ,Her cunt lips were thick and dark brown I kept doing more sucking and biting of her cunt until she let out a scream of pleasure and collapsed onto my face so hard I had to turn my head , after a few moments she rolled off me breathing heavily , This was going well John hadn’t given her time to recover when he opened her legs and got between them to fuck her. This is what I wanted to see a couple fucking right next to me, As he fucked her I turned her head to face me so we could kiss , her head moving as he was pumping her, she put her hand around my head to kiss me harder and as John pushed into her harder and faster I squeezed her nipples that had grown to some size in her small tits with dark brown nipples to match her cunt. Again she was starting her second orgasm arching her back and screaming as John grunted away with her legs over his shoulders , I moved back a little as they both cum at the same time and he collapsed onto her both breathing heavily they lay there for sometime before he slowly rolled off her ,
We had a drink and cigarettes chatting away , John said the sight of her with me turned him on , when she had finished her cigarette I pulled her to me and we started kissing I was rock hard as I hadn’t cum yet and all I wanted was my cock in her cunt .as John played with his soft cock I could feel his spunk inside her , this I had to try , she bent her knees and parted them to let me in , I held my cock and guided it in her and the feeling of his spunk on my cock was fantastic , Well I didn’t last long with her using her heels on my arse pushing me into her as deep as she could I unloaded my spunk into her cunt , I laid on top of her until my cock softened and slipped out of her cunt, But there was one thing I knew I needed and that was to suck her out of the two loads of spunk inside her but John was hard again and I was beaten to the prize but it was his wife after all and he was the lucky one to have the spunk from her.
I wasn’t too disappointed as because they stayed the night I did get my chance to suck her out the next day .
It had been a successful visit after the others , I didn’t see them again as they lived so far away but we did talk a few time on the phone , it was the distance they wanted so not to be known by anyone .
For me that was success .