Lord Cowie of Queenstown was the rather spoiled son of the Viscount of Queenstown. Lord Cowie indulged himself in his father’s great wealth everyday. Having been sent down from university the errant young Lord Cowie was looking for anything to keep his salacious appetite, which was any sexual experience, satisfied. It happened one October morning when Lord Cowie had took liberty with the local milk maid,a beautiful girl who enjoyed the hard sex that Lord Cowie and herself partook of in the stable. He had taken her from behind ,his hard penis ramming into her as she gasped and then cried with satisfaction;her cries of pleasure had progressed into screams and it was not long before the Viscount himself had found them in flagrante delicto. The milk maid and her family were paid a rather large sum of money and moved to the city. As for the young Lord well he went on doing whatever he could to satisfy his sexual appetite.
It was around this time that that Lord Cowie had read in the Queenstown Gazette that the local gang of pickpockets had been apprehended and that the Schoolmaster of Birchwood had been employed by the Town Council to thrash the gang of four boys and three girls. The newspaper article went on to say, ” The Schoolmaster of Birchwood took each miscreant in turn to his study and once there a sound thrashing was administered.It mattered not whether the miscreant was male or female,each suffered a profound thrashing on the bare buttocks….”
The very image that the newspaper conjured made Lord Cowie erect,he touched his penis and recalled a thrashing he had suffered a number of years ago and how it had excited him and once the thrashing had ended he had hurried to his room and masturbated. He sat in pleasure and then decided to write to the Schoolmaster of Birchwood,perhaps the Schoolmaster would temper his flagrant attitude to life?

The Schoolmaster was standing in his study,cane in hand about to thrash Nathaniel Wilson,the once pickpocket now stable boy for not doing his chores. The Master looked with a growing excitement at the ebony bare posterior of Nathaniel and said,” Now boy,you were told to do something and either through wanton neglect or insubordination your work was not done.When I took you on here I warned you that you would be thrashed if I deemed it necessary;do you have anything to say,boy?”
“I am sorry,Schoolmaster,I promise I will adhere to my chores better in the future,” the black boy said,he was nervous,he knew what to expect,his bare bottom exposed to the chastisement of the Schoolmaster.
The Master raised the cane and then was interrupted by a knock on his study door.
“I said that I was not to be disturbed, Sara” the Master said.
“I am sorry Master,but there is a letter here from Lord Cowie of Queentsown;it is marked urgent,” Sara,the maid said meekly.
The Master lowered the cane saying,” Remain bending over Nathaniel.”
The Master opened his study door and took the letter from Sara,she saw the cane in his hand and peered over the Master’s shoulder to see the bare ebony bottom of Nathaniel,the sight of which made her feel very passionate ,she had to look away to try to control the excitement she was experiencing within her.She watched as the Master held the cane under his arm as he held the letter,reading it through his rounded spectacles.It was then that Sara noticed the large bulge in the trousers of the Master,she then knew the Master was excited at the prospect of thrashing Nathaniel,she glanced again at Nathaniel’s bare bottom,she was excited and wondered did the Schoolmaster become excited when he had thrashed her last week.Sara had received ten strokes of the cane from the Master for not cleaning the library.
Suddenly the Master walked to his study desk giving Sara a better view of Nathaniel,she wanted to touch herself so very much. She watched the Master sit at his desk and dip his quill in ink and begin writing. He then called her to him saying,” Now ,girl,make sure this letter is delivered to Lord Cowie immediately,hurry now ,girl,I have business to attend to here.”
Sara hurried from the study closing the door behind her. She went to the messenger boy at the door and handed him the letter saying, “This is for Lord Cowe,he is to get it immediately!”
As she closed the front door she heard the first stroke of the cane making contact with Nathaniel’s bare bottom. She crept to the study door and knelt down,she peered through the keyhole and saw the Master and Nathaniel in profile.She saw the Schoolmaster bring the cane down on Nathaniel’s bare bottom,Nathaniel cried out,she also noticed that the bulge in the Master’s trousers had grown considerably. After administering ten strokes of the cane to Nathaniel the Schoolmaster said, “Now boy,get dressed and return to your work,I will be keeping an eye on you.”
“Yes,Master,I am sorry,I will do better,”Nathaniel said pulling up his trousers and rubbing his bottom.Sara stood up and ran to the kitchen before Nathaniel came out of the study.