Hi readers let me tell you the incident happened with my best friend. Her name is vidya(name changed) she stands 5.2 inches tall, with medium built she is 1 year elder to me we were best friends we often used to roam around, chat I did not know that i will end up having sex with her one day.

Day by day we were getting intimate with each other, her behaviour towards were changing she used to rub her body knowningly making me feel more hornier, which tempted me to kiss her. Once we were hanging out and went for a long ride, and while we were returning it started down pouring heavily, we reached my home since her home is far away. We were drenched badly, she was normal kind of girl not so beautiful still her body was drenched i could notice her curves on her body, she was wearing denim and sleevless shirt, her boobs were in nice shape, i offered her towel, since she was shivering due to wet. she losen her hair and dried her hair, i could not stop seeing her, she was trying to reach her hand back, i helped her by rubbing her neck.
love making to friend“ooohhh..mmm tanks da its nice”

she thanked me, her back rubbed my wet shirt, she turned towards me and asked me “you are wet sai remove your shirt, or else you will fall sick” she said and helped me to remove my shirt, she slowly unbuttoned my shirt and removed it, she noticed my bare body “looks like my friend is well built” she commented, and rubbed my head, mean while my breathing increased, she place her hand on my chest and noticed the fast heart beat, “you are nervous sai what happened?” she asked i was not in mood to reply her instead i could make love to her the whole day. Every thing happened in an flow, we looked into each other eyes, i was nearing her and so was she, i felt her warm breath on my chest i bent my head down closing her lips and i stopped and she lifted her head up and closed to mine and placed kiss on my lips, there was a spark in her eyes i placed a kiss on her soft lips, it was warm and wet, and looked at her, we slowly let our tongues into our mouths and shared a amazing kiss, she put her hand behind my neck indicating she wanted more, i placed my hands on her small waist , we were kissing very passionately, we were going high, my body was getting heated up every seconds, while her body was trembling. we kissed for 10 minutes, and broke the kiss she said “sai you are hot” i replied “your body is trembling vidya, what happened?”
love making to friend 2
she replied “it happens often when i get high” there was silence for a moment, i did not know what she is up to next she turned her head towards bedroom, i came to know that she feels same as i feel. I lifted her in my arms and carried her to my room, and placed her on the bed, she held on to my waist and pulled me towards her, we kissed more forcefully this time, my hands ran on to her boobs, ‘aahhhhh” she moaned while trembling, I removed her shirt her boobs was visible in her bra, she removed her bra and pulled me towards her boobs, I slowly held her boobs and pressed it lightly,”aahhhh..oooh…” she moaned.