Love On a Cruise ShipThis is a totally made up fantasy that is not intended to be anything other than what is written below.

“It is impossible for me to fully explain how this happened,” I whispered to Jill as she rolled over on top of my body and I slid my cock into her for the first time.

“Let’s not try to explain,” she whispered as she rocked against my hard cock and shuddered with the pleasure my penetration caused. She looked down at me, her large breasts swayed seductively as she said, “from this angle you look just like your Dad.”

She is 46, I’m 26 and for the last 22 years I had called her Mom. Dad shacked up with her for about 6 months when I was 4 and then he simply vanished from our lives leaving a note that “Larry will better off without me.” I was too young to understand and Jill became my mother, not by law, marriage, or biology. She simply took over as my Mom and was always there for me with unconditional love.

It is hard to explain how I could end up in bed with her but I will try to explain. I returned from college and a summer internship with the big news that I had been hired by a large accounting firm with a great signing bonus. I told Mom we’d take a vacation neither of us had ever had. Mom always dreamed of a cruise in a tropical setting and with my big bonus I made this happen.

When I booked our cruise I worked with a travel agent in the town where I would be working since they were a customer of the firm and I wanted to make sure I supported our customers. We flew to Florida and checked in for our seven day cruise. A steward showed us to the cabin and when she swung the door open for her Mom said, “Oh my, this is not what I expected.”

It was a small cabin with a large window looking out the side of the ship but instead of it being a two bedroom and setting room suite it was this tiny little cabin with twin beds. One along the side of the ship and the other along the wall between us and the next cabin.

I turned to the steward and said this must be a mistake, “you will need to lodge your concern at the front desk,” she said and offered to escort me there.

“I’ll get this fixed,” I said as I left Mom behind in the cabin.

When I returned I had to break the news to her, the travel agent had made a booking error and since the ship was filled to capacity they could only offer a refund and we could return home or use the cabin that was booked.

“We can make this work,” Mom said as she looked around the tiny cabin. “It is charming, don’t you agree?” she said with a worried look on her face.