Love versus Lust.

Araya was a normal girl, brought up in a loving family environment and had many friends. She developed into a beautiful young lady and had several admirers by the time she was in her early teens she had her first boyfriend at 17. Naturally enough she also developed the needs of a normal teenager to experiment with sex and particularly her curiosity with the male body. Her own breast had started to form and she was aware of changes between her legs, suddenly hair was growing and she was feeling strange desires

After many weeks of turmoil she eventually decided on a course of action and a day or so later when out in the woods with her latest admirer she suggested they sit and rest. Lying on the ground, looking up into the tree tops she found her hand had now wandered over the boys legs and had found its way to his groin, the boy just lay still as far as he could but was unable to stop his manhood rising to the gentle touches of Araya’s fingers, she also felt the twitching as the material started to strain against the growing member.

Having made a bold start Araya moved to a kneeling position and without a word leaned forward and undid the boy’s trousers releasing his manhood to spring into the air. She looked in awe for a few minutes before reaching forward and touching it at the tip. She could already see it was getting wet and she leaned forward and slowly allowed her mouth to open and engulf the offending piece of meat, one hand now cradling the swollen balls the other sliding softly up and down the shaft as her tongue lapped over the slit at the end of his penis. After what seemed like hours but in reality was a few minutes she stated to slide the red tip deeper into her mouth and she could sense the frustration building in her boyfriend. She felt his fingers searching between her legs in an attempt to find her pussy, her own private area was now exceedingly damp, but to be fucked was not on her agenda, but she did not mind being fingered.

In order to avoid having to discuss full sexual matters she increased the rate she was sucking and licking his cock, and he was also rising and falling in an attempt to empty his balls as soon as he could. Inexperience on both parts soon led to her having a mouthful of very salty thick goo in her throat, and feeling pleased with herself lay back and relaxed.

Shortly afterwards the very happy boyfriend tried to get on top of her as his cock was now fully recovered, she abruptly told him she was a virgin and was staying that way, and he would have to accept the occasional cock sucking or find another girl. Araya had had her first planned sexual encounter and had mixed feelings about the experience. She had been fascinated at the cock and its behaviour, the texture and response to her touching and sucking, but more so with the gunge they shot out and into her throat. She had actually not felt any physical attraction and it could have been anybody’s cock she had taken there was no human feeling at all.