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Thank you, readers, who have read my previous stories am really thankful for the friends I have earned (if you could say it that way). I thought about stopping the writing bit of the wonderful moments I have had with Rohit, our first meeting back in October last year. Since then it’s been some more beautiful moments that we have spent together and the bond just continues to grow stronger. Not often would you see a 40-year-old and a 28-year-old getting together and making moments memorable but with Rohit even a phone call makes me feel so much better.

Okay, let me stop boasting of my prized possession and come back to my fans. Astounded by many must admit, their levels of energy even though I don’t respond have to say you make me feel special and wanted by you. Hence I am writing to you guys again. Have to mention one crazy fan who asked me to mention me his level of uniqueness as a fan by naming him. So anish joshi if you ever read this feel happy that I like your bubbly spirited nature and be so and hope you find some time one day to have the courage to talk to me in manner that normal people talk and don’t fumble like you do speak to a lady.

Will come back then to that night and stop bothering the readers who are so eager to read the tale of love making. To be honest to you it was really a moment of greatness when I felt his manhood right inside me for the benefit of readers will give you a flow of things from the last piece which I had posted for those who are reading for the first time here are the links


I broke the lock on his manhood and started coughing badly. I left him then and started to find water, my eyes were filled with tears because I choked. Rohit immediately from a state of ecstasy became concerned that is what is magical about him. He cares for me for women I believe. He went for the bottle at the table and made me drink slowly helping me regain my breath. He made me lie on the couch and came over me kissing me on my lips and slowly that transformed into a wild smooch as our tongues embraced into a fight that they love so much now.

I felt his manhood rubbing me as his hip movements were dry humping me. I gave in .. I did it ..I stretched my legs wide across his hips giving him the green signal that now is the time and boy did he oblige. As he pushed his manhood inside me every memory of mine was wiped out. Like a knife melting thru hot butter … the pleasure was unexplainable the pain was unbearable .. Waited so many years for this feeling and finally it was there. My eyes closed my stranglehold on his tongue broke as every second passed by I started submitting myself to him. Simply serene a feeling of fulfillment a feeling of accomplishment of having your man with you. That is what Rohit gave me.