i am a little girl (1,55 meter) with short blond hairs and i live one year ago in Cairo (Egypt) with my family because my father work in French ambassade, i am study for bachelor and pratice swiming competitions.
At swiming pool i meet a beautifull arab man, Hamed, and fall in love…after two weeks he said “Are you ready to make a challenge for prove your love for me ?” i am answer “all you want !” He said : “OK, next week date with me at enter swimingpool with a bag hig shoes and swimsuit one piece blue very desnude”, next week Hamed bring me in Caire city underground zone, we walking on “souk market” and streching street where only old and ugly arab men look at me with a vicious regard, fortunally Hamed is with me for protect, and i am dress no provocative, with blue jean, tennis shoe (no lace) and teeshirt. After twenty minute we are arrived in enter of “Bambou club” on the cashier is writen “Colored men only” and “Wanted gogo girl for immediate working (more 16 old)”, Hamed speak to cashier and few time after a fat arab man open the door and we go in this desk, Hamed said “Marie-Christine, Mohamed is my friend and i must help to find a gogo girl dancer this is very important for his Club are you ok to help my friend ?”
I answer “No probleme to help your friend, but i don’t know this job, i just dance Classic and Jazz”, Hamed said “Mohamed know the job he explain to you how to dress and dance” i answer “OK, but you stay with me ?” Hamed said “I stay in the Club, but you must obey at Mohamed order, OK ?” after that i see Mohamed discuss with Hamed and give packet of billet, Hamed go out the desk, and i am alone with fat Mohamed, i said “OK Marie-Christine i must to make pictures for identity club gogo girl, is Hamed said you to bring your swimsuit and higshoes ?” I answer “yes they are in bag on the chair” Mohamed said “OK you dress with swimdress and highshoes !” as a order with a strong voice
Mohamed take the bag and standby, when i am all nude, Mohamed give-me a large card where is writing : “Marie-Cristine de Belmont gogo girl BAMBOU CLUB Cairo tel xxxxxxxx”
Next, Mohamed take a camera an said “Maintain the card on the belly and smile !” after more of sexy positions standup, he said “seat on the desk with open leg and stick out tongue !” after hi put camera and whith pink lipstick he paint my tits and pussy, next he order to me to lift on desk and dance with open legs on rock music and said “mouve your breast right left speed up !!! mouve your bottom !!! with your hands open your bottom hole to maximum !!!” i am shamefull and i am in stupid position with a stupid smile… but i am glad, because more i am in stupid situation, more the fat Mohamed is exited…i decide to increase his pleasure to dance whith open leg with pussy large open by my hands and stick out maximum my tongue…effect is immediat Mohamed take me in this arm and kiss me very long time
with this tongue, my mouth is open maximum and i feel his fat tongue bottom my throat very long time, Mohamed is very strong and he is unable to mouve for me, and i am entire slave of this desire, after long minutes Mohamed take me on the ground open his trousers and fuk me below his very havy weight i am entire crush, after a two powerfull skirting in my pussy, he stay on my body and lift her feets to increase his weight, and make me a very violent an infinishable kiss, and this very big hands take my head near crush…after a long instant Mohamed standup quickly and said “hurry up Marie-Christine it’s time to dance in public, it’s prohibided to clean my sperm because this is exiting for public to see white sperm to flow your pussy and legs,” i am standup all nude with legs squeese to maintain sperm in my pussy, Mohamed take lipstick pink and put on my tits of teenager white breast in quantity for public have a good see on my tits, with gold high shoes i am very sexy with my green eyes, short blond hair as a boy, and my body entire remove hair i seem very young and very exited to see the effect on public in club… Mohamed open the door and i am in front of a large dark room, the rap music increase to become very strong, a projector light me, i go all nude in indecent power light where all part of my body is in sight of all public, Mohamed walk behind me, i must walk slowly because my shoes aren’t very hight, i see men around me they are all in djellaba with black beard and a muslim hat, some seem very old, some are as teenager gang boy nude head, other are fat as the club boss Mohamed may be all this men are guest of boss gang for a private party ?