So like I explained in my post about the Married Chinese Lawyer introduction, I met her when an ex-gf of mine introduced me to her as a fuck buddy. My ex was a cuckqueen, she enjoyed watching me fuck the lawyer who was a good friend of hers. It was just purely a fuck buddy entertainment relationship for my ex. I had only met her a few times and only knew her first name. Had no idea what she did, how old she was or any other information. It was just to fuck her so my ex could watch and enjoy and that’s it. Married Chinese Lawyer First Encounter Story

Below are the videos of me fucking the lawyer while my ex watched behind the camera. I had no idea who the girl I was fucking was, but she was a good fuck so I wasn’t complaining lol. But I don’t feel this is classified as the first time fucking the lawyer as I had no info and was just doing it for the pleasure of my ex (and myself lol).
As time grew on I broke things off with my ex and we went our separate ways. After a very long time, I got a friend request on Wechat (a Chinese social media app). She said she was the girl that I had fucked a few times and I immediately remembered. She asked me if I was still in China and if I wanted to meet up. Of course I agreed.

She picked me up after work in her Audi, it has been at least 7-8 month since I last saw her and she was looking amazing as usual. Skin tight business skirt and a suit jacket (I still didn’t know she was a lawyer at the time). We went to eat and we got to know each other a bit, I found out she was a lawyer and she worked for a big firm. But she didn’t tell me anything about being married. I didn’t ask about her status, usually I don’t ask fuck buddies if they’re single or not, usually I just assume they are lol. After dinner we were in her car and we made out and I fingered her and we ended back at my place and we did the deed, so I consider that the first time I fucked the lawyer properly.

Up until then, I still had NO IDEA she was married, she was really wealthy and that she was THAT big a freak in the bedroom. But as time went out, sometimes I’d pick her up and she’d wear these really sexy outfits, short skirts and dresses, she would then bend over and suck my cock as I was driving and make me pull over in a deserted street (which is hard to find in China) and ride my cock until she cum.(She said wearing a dress is “Convenient”) Once she cum so much that it stained my pants and I had to walk around with a strange stain for the day and she made fun of me. Married Chinese Lawyer First Encounter Story 2