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was speaking to my wife for 3 -4 years about threesome. She hesitated very much and I compromised her for making sex chat when our k** was 2 yrs old. We made chat in yahoo messenger and saw a guy with 9 inch dick. That was the first time me and my wife saw a huge dick in webcam. She was not interested in the starting. We made chat for 2 -3 times.

Suddenly I felt she was acting that she doesn’t like that chat guy. I planned and decided to go to sleep early giving chance for my wife to use my laptop for webcam chat. In the next morning i opened yahoo messenger with our special id and started reading the conversation of my wife and chat guy. I was shocked to see the messages. I could see only one side messages. All are from chat guy and no reply message from her but I could see messages like “super”,” low your webcam” etc.

I could clearly understand what happened. Chat guy was asking everything in messages and she was doing everything in cam. It was clear that she had showed her boobs first and naval, butt &pussy everything slowly. She also had masturbated and showed him the cum. Later through the conversation I had also understood that she had watched chat guy doing a hand job and cum.

At last the conversation ended with words like “I want to have sex with you”. Both of them were saying this. Seeing this I decided to do webcam nude chat with that guy. I slowly made her to do that and she was very interested to have sex with that 9 inch dick. But he lived in Mumbai and we couldn’t meet him. She also said to me that she wanted to have second honeymoon with the 9 inch dick. Anyway we missed it.

After that 3 years had gone very fast. Our k** was studying in UKG when we decided to do threesome for sure. I placed an ad in a website and I got reply from 3 persons out of which we selected a guy named Suresh. He was 3 km near my neighborhood. We exchanged mails and also numbers.

He was very innocent and 4 years younger than my wife. He said he had 7 inch dick. I sent my wife pic to his mail and also said she was fat and if he is interested he can come for massaging my wife. At the same time I said my wife a massage guy is coming and he will do massage alone but if she wants to have sex she should tell him directly or should not stop when he starts doing naughty things.

She said she don’t want to have sex for sure. I did not tell her anything more than that. But I said to the massage guy he should tempt her and fuck her in front of me. But I was shocked to hear that this was the first time for him. He did not even touch any girl till that day. I encouraged him and explained everything how to tempt her and fuck her. He said he likes licking pussy but didn’t get a chance. I replied that was enough to have sex with my wife as I know she would surrender if her pussy was licked.