So according to the BDSM law book volume 1 to volume 28, the sub has to address her master as “my master” and she can only speak of herself in the third person, it is strictly forbidden to mention her name. In addition, the sub-leg seats must always sit on the lower legs and maintain an angle of 34.75 °, the outstretched palms up and the gaze lowered to the ground. She is allowed to walk upright, but she is not allowed to stand and must sit down again immediately if she stops.

In addition, a sub always has to wear a collar and address all other people with “Sir” or “Miss”. And when shopping she has to be dragged on a leash. And of course the sub belongs to the master, has no rights and is always somehow half-naked. And of course Master always has to be super strenuous and if possible a little cruel. And yes, not too intimate a relationship with the Sub, after all, it’s just a Sub.

Did I forget any silly SL online enisms?
Then we can simply forget the SL-Gor-BDSM curd and come to what is important:

There is no regulation in the BDSM how to do what, what you are allowed to do and what not. Anything that’s fun is allowed.

There is at most something like a guideline “SSC” (Safe Sane Consensual), but you should stick to it so that it e.g. there is no permanent damage in any form. And for my sake, you can also practice RACK (Risk Aware Consensual Kink, i.e. you take more potential risks, but you know exactly what you’re doing there).

Nevertheless, you stay (at least in Germany …) with the RACK in the context of legal action, especially when it comes to bodily harm etc. (There are then slight scars, tattoos, etc. – but nothing that could really damage …) But that’s about the regulations.

Whether you call your master “Sir”, “Dom”, “Schurzurzurzel” or “Hasenschnäuzchen”, that is a matter between master and sub. And that’s nobody else’s business.

And quite frankly:
I personally cannot imagine how you can really seriously practice D / s without loving your partner with all your heart in such a relationship.

It goes without saying that a friend is the master and that there are no other really deep feelings. But then the D / s is more like a game among friends, you still stay on an equal footing. Then you give up control to the friend, but you don’t completely give yourself up for the other, as happens in a D / s relationship based on love.
The sub gives up completely on itself to get control, guidance, security, security and also affection from its master.

But this cliché that the master forcibly forces the sub to do something, whips them only because he enjoys it, even uses them on the verge of abuse, which may have something to do with BILD, SuperRTL & co. to do – but not with what BDSM or D / s really is: