She was gorgeous and so ready to spread her legs for me!

Me and Jackie
A few days ago, I was backing my car out of my Target parking spot when I felt a car hit mine. I was only halfway out, so I didn’t see the car until I got out. That’s when I saw the red BMW that had hit me.
The driver, a pretty blonde, was getting out of her BMW, saying, “I am so sorry, sir! I was fiddling with my radio and didn’t see you! I’m so sorry! My insurance will fix your car.”
The young teenager was about eighteen, blonde, and had deep blue eyes. And she looked familiar! “I’m sure it will, miss. We should exchange insurance cards and addresses.”
“Right. Let me get my insurance card.” Then she returned to her car.
In the meantime, I did the same and tried to think about why she looked familiar. She was certainly an adorable little thing, so no matter who she was, I wanted to get her into bed if at all possible.
As we exchanged insurance cards, I read hers and that’s when it hit me! Her insurance card said, Jackie Evancho! She was the little girl with an amazing voice that rose to fame after appearing on America’s Got Talent.
I was surprised and got an immediate hard-on! I thought, “What if I really was able to get Jackie Evancho into bed? That would be mind-blowing!”
As we wrote each other’s names, addresses, and phone numbers down, I decided to play it cool and pretend that her name did not ring a bell or mean anything to me.
“I’m so sorry, Mister Wilson. Do you think your car is badly damaged?”
“Well, there’s this obvious dent, but that can probably be fixed with no problem. Your car doesn’t look bad at all.”
For the first time, she looked at her car and saw that only the front bumper had a slight dent. “Wow! There’s hardly any damage at all!”
“You’re right. It would be a shame to damage such a gorgeous car.”
“Oh, thanks. I just got it yesterday.”
“Well, we’ve exchanged our information, so we can leave I suppose.”
“Okay. I’ll contact my insurance company and call you.”
We had used our phones to take pictures of the damages, so as we shook hands, I held her hand too long as I looked into her beautiful blue eyes.
“What?” she asked.
I released her hand and answered, “Sorry. You’re just so pretty that I was spellbound for a second.”
“Aww. That’s so sweet of you to say that, especially since I just hit your car.” Then she moved close to me and kissed me on the cheek and said, “I hope that wasn’t too forward of me.”
“Not at all. I just wish we had time to get to know each other.”
“Why don’t you call me tonight and we’ll talk?”
“I’ll do that.”
I was thrilled that Jackie Evancho kissed me and wanted me to call her. My boner had grown hard and was probably visible through my shorts.
Jackie gave me a winning smile, winked, and said, “Great! I’ll talk to you tonight.”
I stood there and watched her enter her car and drive away. As I did, my mind conjured up visions of me and Jackie Evancho in bed. I was thrusting into her, her legs were around my waist, and she was moaning with each thrust. She felt tight like a virgin and I was about to shoot off.
– – – – –
I went through the rest of the day in sort of a daze, thinking, “I actually met Jackie Evancho and she kissed me! And she wants me to call her!”
Finally, at seven o’clock, I called Jackie. “Hi, Jackie. It’s Bill. The guy you kissed on the cheek this morning.”
“Hello! I recognize your voice.”
“You do?”
“Of course! And I remember that kiss and now wish I’d kissed your lips instead of your cheek.”
“I’ve been fantasizing the same thing all day.”
“You have? I’ve been having some torrid fantasies too.”
“Torrid? You have to tell me about them!”
“Oh, I could never do that. I’d be too embarrassed.”
“I wished I’d used Facetime so I could see you blushing. I bet you’re even more adorable when you blush.”
I detected her heavy breathing. Was she masturbating? “Want to hear one of my torrid fantasies.”
“Yes,” she said as her breathing became labored.
“Well, we’re in bed and I’m making love to you. Your legs are wrapped around my waist and you’re moaning and holding me tight as I thrust into you.” I heard her moan slightly, so I continued, “We make love for almost fifteen minutes before having mutual orgasms.”
That’s when I heard her muffle her phone a groan. She was having an orgasm!
Finally, she said breathlessly, “That is certainly a torrid fantasy. I was having that same fantasy as you told me.”
“I think you had an orgasm, didn’t you?”
“Yes. I was imagining your hard cock thrusting inside me.”
“Mmm. I wish I was there with you right now. I want to fuck your brains out.”
“Oh, god! I want you to do that, Bill. I want you to fuck me for an hour, then roll on top of me while I’m asleep and fuck me again.”
“Jackie, I think I should come over there right now.”
“No. There are always so many paparazzi around here. I’ll come to your place.”
I’d been stroking my hard-on and was about to shoot off. “Oh, Jackie! I’m about to shoot off!”
“Don’t do that! Wait for me and let me suck you off. Please wait. I can be there in twenty minutes.”
“Okay. I’ll wait,” I said as I stopped stroking and stuffed my cock back into my shorts.
– – – – –
Me and Jackie 2Twenty-five minutes later, little eighteen-year-old Jackie Evancho knocked on my door. My heart was about to pound out of my chest as I opened the door. “Hey, gorgeous!” I said as we embraced.
Then we French kissed as I humped her crotch with my boner. She moaned as she spread her legs so I could hump her better.
“I want to suck you off, Bill. That’s all I’ve thought about all day.” Then she dropped to her knees, quickly got my shorts and boxers down, and took my nine-inch cock deep into her mouth, moaning as she did.
I took her head in my hands, made two fists with her soft blonde hair, and began to fuck her mouth, going deeper with each slow thrust. Her tongue was under my cock, so I whispered, “Let me fuck your throat, Jackie.”
She just moaned and opened her throat as I pulled her face to my stomach. Even though she gagged slightly, she didn’t resist as she tilted her head back and looked up at me with her beautiful blue eyes.
I was overcome with seeing gorgeous Jackie Evancho on her knees below me, my cock down her throat. I pushed deep into her throat only twice before shooting off. She squeezed her eyes closed and coughed, but let my cock spurt and jerk in her throat until it stopped. I wanted to keep it there, but let her pull it out.
Then as she cleared her throat, she continued to suck me. I could tell that Jackie Evancho loved giving head and I intended to take full advantage of that.
When Jackie stood up and put her arms around my neck, she said, “I hope you liked that as much as I did.”
“Are you joking? I could never get tired of your amazing blowjobs.”
“Good. Now take me to bed and, as you said, but my brains out.”
“Gladly,” I replied as I led her to my bedroom.
She was wearing a very long beige sweater and that’s all, so she quickly slipped it over her head and climbed into bed. “Why are you still wearing your clothes?”
Without a word, I quickly undress, crawled into bed, and went straight for her shaved pussy. She spread her legs, took my head in her hands, and began to thrust on my tongue.
“Mmm, Bill. You do that so well. You’ll make me cum.”
That’s when I sucked her clit into my mouth, which sent her into a very passionate orgasm. “Oh, fuck! I’m cumming so hard! Don’t stop!”
I kept eating Jackie until she had two nice, intense orgasms, then crawled up and entered her. As we kissed hungrily, she wrapped her legs around my waist. I pushed my full nine inches into her repeatedly, hitting her cervix with each thrust.
“Ugh! Ugh! Oh, Bill. I’ve never been fucked like this before. You’re so good!”
Jackie had three more orgasms as I fucked her for a good thirty minutes before shooting off. Then we both collapsed in exhaustion. I rolled over and pulled her into my arms. She laid her head on my shoulder and was asleep in less than a minute.
– – – – –
Me and Jackie 3The next morning, I let her wear on my shirts, which made her look so gorgeous that I pushed her down on the bed and fucked her again. I took this photo afterward.
We spent the whole day in bed, stopping only to go out for lunch and dinner.
When we crawled into bed that night, she said, “I want to try anal sex. Would you like to try it?”
“I’ve always wanted to try it.”
“Great! Then it will be the first time for us both. That will be special.”
“I’ll get some lube,” I said as I reached into the nightstand and got a tube of K-Y.
“Why don’t you get up on your knees?”
When she did, I got behind her and smeared a good amount of K-Y on her butt hole, then slowly pushed my middle finger all the way in.
“Does that hurt?”
“No. it feels strange but good.”
Then I slowly pushed two fingers into Jackie’s ass, and she still just moaned. So, I pushed threes in and turned them around to kind of ream out and open her up.
“How does that feel, sweetie?”
“Good. I want your cock now.”
“Okay,” I said as smeared some K-Y on my cock, then eased it in. She just moaned, so I pushed my entire nine inches into her tight, virgin ass.
“Oh, Bill. It feels so good! Fuck me. Fuck my ass.”
So, I grabbed Jackie’s hips and started slowly, going deep with each thrust. I kept doing that for about five minutes, then pushed her down on her stomach, straddled her legs, grabbed her shoulders, and began to make quick, hard rams into her, slapping my stomach against her ass.
“Oh my god, Bill. It’s so good! I’m going to cum! Fuck me! Fuck my ass!”
I leaned over, put my hand over her mouth, and whispered in her ear, “You’re the best fuck I’ve ever had, Jackie Evancho.”
“Mmm,” was the only response she could make.
When her orgasm began, her ass sphincter tightened on my cock, setting it off. It started to spurt hard streams of cum into Jackie’s ass.
“Oh, Bill. I could feel you shooting off in me! It was so erotic!”
“I know. It felt erotic to me too.”
Jackie’s ass still felt tight, so I continued to slowly pump into her.
“Mmm. You’re going to make me cum again!”
“I want you too.”
“Then don’t stop! Fuck my ass, Bill. Fuck me good!”
Even though my cock was deflating, Jackie was able to have another nice orgasm on it. When it was over, I pulled out and rolled over.
Jackie whispered, “I’m going to the bathroom to let your cum drain out.” Then she jumped up and ran into the bathroom. When she returned, she cuddled up in my arms and said, “That was so special, Bill.”
“I know.”
“Tomorrow after we shower, I want to try sixty-nine. I’ve never done that either.”
“Jackie, you weren’t a virgin, so what did your boyfriend do?”
“I’ve never had a boyfriend. When I sucked you off, it was my first time. And when you fucked me, it was my first time.”
“Then how did you lose your virginity?”
Me and Jackie 4She giggled and said, “With my toy. It’s also a vibrator and I got so aroused one night that I just pushed it in and popped my hymen.”
“Yes. You’re my first lover, Bill.”
“Also, I think I’m in love with you.”
I’d been running my fingers through her long blonde hair, so I took a fistful of it and pulled her head up so I could look into her eyes.
“I’m in love with you too, Jackie Evancho.”
We kissed passionately for a long moment when she said, “Why don’t you go wash up? I want the man I love to fuck me slowly.”
– – – – –
Jackie and I had a whirlwind affair for almost a year, but it ended when her fame required her to move to California. But we still get together three or four times a year.