Me And My Bangalore Days – Part 2Me And My Bangalore Days – Part 2 2Me And My Bangalore Days – Part 2 3
Thanks for all the lovely mails and few good men in my hangout whom I have gone real nasty with in last few days. Am even planning to be in Kerala sometime next month to fulfill a long term fantasy . Will write about it once am done experiencing it.

Well now that am here I will continue where I left it last time and tell you guys what happened next and how I enjoyed the taboo life that I was into. Be sure to read the first two parts for the new readers in order to enjoy fully.

Well as the stage was set for me inside the room for my dance with a audience of three cheap n dirty looking men in dirty lungi and shirt on the bed and the room filled with the damp smell of sweat..alcohol and raw sex. The walls were so dirty with gutkha stains all over the peeled paints. I felt so cheap and raw standing in the middle with just that filmsy thin top that hardly covered my protruding nipples with a plunging neckline and a very short skirt with all my thighs exposed and without any panty..I was already feeling stark naked inside the room. They had their eyes glued on me while the owner played the loud Telugu song which I understood nothing but the loud music.

I started dancing and gyrating to the tunes and with provocative steps to show them as much skin as possible out of watever i was wearing. Within minutes the helper came and started dancing with me and touched and pressed me wherever he wanted to. With me giving free access he started undressing me and out came my top. Mmmmmm …I was filled with nothing but pure raw lust with just a short skirt till my thighs and nothing but naked boobs jiggling to my shakes and me giving all the suggestive provocative moves. The song ended and the owner asked me to open the skirt and change into a towel and dance with the towel on. I sheepishly agreed with full excitement in my heart. He gave me a very thin n dirty towel and asked me to change while he and the others opened few more bottles of beer and started drinking more. I opened the skirt in front of them and wrapped the towel like a cheap whore with no shame. Mmm ..I like it that way.

They played the next song and I started my dance again…and this time it became more raw with me occasionally opening the towel during the dance and giving them a free show and sometimes going and sitting on their lap while they rub my body and kiss my boobs and rub my ass. Ahhhhh … can’t explain the feeling of getting used up that way…the cheap way. I liked the whore inside me. Within few minutes i just threw the towel on the face of the owner and started dancing stark naked with all the erotic poses and suggestive ways them full access to my naked body however they wanted. It was helluva party there.