So this is a very true and accurate event which resulted in my entry into the world of BDSM. It’s one of the very best things that happened in my life.
So when I was very small, my parents were not able to look after me. My father had disappeared and nobody knew who he was. And my birthing mother was in a very bad way mentally and had to put me up for adoption.
So to cut a long insignificant story shorted I was soon adopted by a couple. I had an amazing upbringing until my adopted father had an accident and lost his life.
So it was just Mum and me.
We had a fantastic relationship, Mum taught me not to be ashamed of who I was and how I had been brought up.
We had an amazing bond and I was able to discuss anything at all with my Mum who taught things that were sometimes a little difficult for her to explain.
So I hit my teenage years and hormones were going mad in my body. Things were happening that I didn’t understand,
I didn’t know what was happening to me and didn’t really understand my feelings. And I always remember one night sat on my bed. Mum had noticed my light on and came into my room to see what was my problem.
So I always knew I could depend on Mum to rationalise things that were not making any sense to me.
So I decided the best way of moving forward was to be open and upfront. I explained that I was getting feelings for some girls at school and I didn’t understand why I got an erect penis, and the urges I was feeling with my erection etc.
So as I expected Mum told me not to worry, and she would explain everything the following evening. I would have been around 15 and just was so messed up.
k**s said things that I thought were offensive about my Mum, and I very nearly got into fights. So the following evening as promised.
We did the pots and made coffee and went to the lounge. And I remember her saying that it was difficult her explaining because it’s normally a fathers role.
So she began to explain things which then started to make sense of what I was feeling. Mum then put on a disc and the film was educational but also a little naughty.
And while watching it, I started to get an erection. I felt uncomfortable as this had never happened with Mum around.
And she explained how natural it was and the reasons for getting erect. The film was about 30 minutes long.
And it was a big relief learning what I did. And what was nice is that Mum and I had always walked around in underwear just before having a bath or while getting ready that type of thing. So I was used to seeing Mum in her pants and Bra and sometimes in just her pants.
So everything started to make sense, and I learnt that it was natural to get erections and do the things teenagers do to relieve it.
Mum had told me that she had met someone from an event she went to on a regular basis. And she told me they were very fond of each other. She asked me weather I was upset with things. And I think she knew what was my reply.
Even though she told me that her friend was also female. I just welcomed her as a friend. Her name was Fran, and she was a great person, and she made Mum really happy which was great to see.