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My name is Sushmit and my wife’s name is Amulya. On last Navaratris, or three days before the 1st day of Navaratri, we reached to Ahmadabad to meet my parents, and Sudeshna(AMULYA) wanted to witness and play ‘Garba” festival. Well, she wanted me to get her few new sets of traditional ‘chania-choli’ for her participation in the nocturnal gorba-dances.

So I suggested her to get her dresses stitched in lieu of taking some ready-made ones. She agreed. So next afternoon we went out in search of a ladies tailor’s shop who could deliver her dresses in two days. Our house is situated on Stadium Road, and in that locality we found no such tailor who could deliver things so early.

Finally suddenly we found one very small tailoring-shop, run by an old, septuagenarian ladies are tailor who agreed to stitch her ‘cholis’ by two days. This tailor, named Kashim Muhammad, was medium in height, dark and appeared to be senile, who had a minor assistant named Sultan to run his shop.

However, it was around 4 o’clock (afternoon). And incidentally, we were the only two customers at his shop at that time. The senior tailor instructed my wife to enter the shop’s anteroom /trial room.

She entered it, followed by Kashim’s young Junior Sultan and me. Kashim asked me to stay out as he would measure up her body, all alone. I obeyed him. He closed the door but not fully, it was left ajar, and I could easily see inside through its gap. Contextually, Sudeshna, my wife, was in traditional Sharee and blouse etc. The old-man now looked at standing Sudeshna, silently and then fixed his eyes on her breasts.

And before assuming his job he asked my wife if she wanted a ‘perfect fitting’ of her Cholis ? She was a bit taken aback by his words, and said out, “Certainly perfect-fitting; why? What’s up ?

He smiled, and placed one his hand on her shoulder, in front of his young assistant who was aged hardly 18 years! And yanked her ‘pallu’ aside, thus revealing her blouse-covered front. My wife face turned crimson in boyish embarrassment, but she did not resist such advancement of that old-man.

He observed her with a smile on his lips, and then resumed his job with a measurement-tape in hand and while massaging her neck, sleeve, back, arms etc he want on to dictate to his boy the measured-sizes to jot down.

Finally he began measuring her endowed bosom, and while so doing he asked my wife once again, Madam, to take the perfect measurement of your breast-cups etc I need to measure up in some unconventional way, What? She blurted. She stood, confused.

By then I’d made out the situation; I sensed a golden chance being appeared now for me to voyeur a great threesome or foursome there. So I entered the anteroom, pushing the Ajar door in. Both the senior and junior tailors now turned a bit scared finding my intrusion. I asked them to remain cool. By then intelligent Sudeshna had understood what would happen now.