Me, My Nidhi, And Him

his story started when I started college. Just in 2 months, I got a girlfriend. I was good looking and quite rich. So I had a lot of female attention and I finally chose Nidhi. She was hot because she was curvy and tall. But the most peculiar feature of her was her bust.

She had two massive boobs and I would fantasize them. As soon as she accepted my proposal, I wanted to press them and it happened. I took her to my place where I pressed her boobs like hell and then fucked her. Sex was not a big deal for her because she was not a virgin.

She had two ex-boyfriends and she had sex with both of them. But from that day, our sexual spree began. I was mad for her boobs. We would meet every alternate day at my flat and I would fuck her like a whore. She turned into my whore in a few months and would urge me to fuck her.

I was gifting her expensive stuff. So she was happy and she was gifting me her priceless boobs and vagina and so I was happy. We would also go on a trip every month where I would end up fucking her for 70-80% of our time. This continued for a year.

Till then, I had fucked her in almost all positions, accomplished all fantasies of us. Slowly boredom started enclosing our sex life. My interest in doing sex with her was going down. Then one day, we started watching porn together. Initially, it was a normal fuck.

But then I changed the videos to those of kinky BDSM stuff. And finally ended up in cuckold videos where a guy gets his girl fucked by another guy in front of him. Both of us were turned on and I told her that I would do the same with her. She smiled and told me that she would love that.

We started smooching each other and ended up fucking. But after that, we didn’t talk about that as we were not serious about it. See, when we would be horny, we would abuse each other, say bad things. But as we were done, we would turn normal as if nothing happened.

Since that day, while fucking, I would say that I would let some other guys fuck her and that would make both of us hornier. We knew that we didn’t want that in real but our sexting and turning on revolved around that. One day, Nidhi got a fracture near her knee and I took her to the doc in a nearby hospital.

As we entered his cabin, the doc seemed very handsome and masculine. He had a regular gym-goer body and he was a treat for the girls. Nidhi looked at him and passed me a wicked smile. I understood that she was crushing on him. I smiled back.

That was our rule, whenever we would see a hot girl or guy, we would pass each other a wicked smile. The doc asked about her problem and told her to show the knee. She was wearing a top and shorts. He held her foot on his thigh and stretched her knee.