That winter, Ana and I just took some free days at Barbados.
After arriving at the resort and checking in, we went downstairs for some drinks at the hotel lobby bar.

While observing the arriving tourists, I noticed a sensual woman in her early forties, who was teasing a couple of muscular black guys there, just in front of her husband, who was making the check in at the counter.
The shameless lady was rubbing her butt against these black men and she laughed without any embarrassment at all…
Later, another sensual blond woman also in her early forties, sat down with us and started chatting. She had observed us during that scene.

She asked us if we were intrigued and Ana said of course we were.
This lady then told us she was running a male escorting company and that these guys were working for her. She asked Anita if she had ever tried a black man and my wife smiled at me, telling the woman that she had never done it.
I smiled to myself, knowing that my sexy slutty wife had at least two regular black studs who fucked her whenever she begged them.

The woman tried to convince my little “shy” wife and before leaving us, she gave Ana a business card, just in case she would change her mind,

We went to bed this first night and I knew my sensual wife would be horny and aroused after that sex offer. We both fucked like hungry rabbits in a very wild way during hours, before passing out until next day…
During breakfast, I noticed that Anita was lost in her own thoughts and I knew she was just thinking about this proposal from the lady.

That same day, after many discussions, Anita finally called back the lady and she arranged a meeting at the bar.
This lady, Lorna, explained us that she could provide three black studs.
I realized that three black men would fuck my wife in just one evening.

My wife decided that she would do it…
Lorna then advised Anita that those black guys were especially selected because of their bodies, the size of their dicks and the ability to come several times. Mostly of them were coming from African countries…
Lorna giggled, as she said that she had personally tested all these guys.
I would be obviously allowed to watch; but Lorna tried to discourage me to participate, saying I could feel bad while comparing cock’s sizes…

My wife said that she had shaved her smooth mound that same morning and that she was not interested in doing anal; she said she was not in the mood to have her tight asshole torn off by a thick black cock.
Appointment was taken for the next day, in the evening, at our own room.

Later that evening, I enjoyed Ana’s arousal, since she was hornier than a bitch in heat. We fucked again during the whole night long.
The following evening, we went to have a couple of drinks at the bar and Anita got more margaritas than necessary, getting a bit fuzzy…
We arrived to our room after a light supper, finding these three black guys waiting outside for us. They were handsome, huge and muscled.
All of them had a very dark shiny skin and bald heads.