A few months ago , I moved into a new house. While taking boxes into the house, a female in her 40’s walked over to me. You could see right away that she kept herself in shape. Her jeans , not too tight, but tight enough to hint at her shape. Her shirt was only tight around her breast, which she is well gifted in! She introduced herself as Linda ,my next door neighbor. She was very friendly, as we talked for a few minutes getting to know each other a little. She found out that I’m single, I found out she’s a single mom of one daughter, didn’t find out daughter’s age until a few days later.
I’ve gotten everything moved in and mostly in place. I have two buildings in the back yard, so I decided to make one a home gym. I’m moving equipment into the building and I hear Linda say “Hello?” . I walk out of the building and see Linda with a teen girl, who I assume is her daughter. I can’t help but watch Linda’s beautiful breast bounce , in her low cut top as she walks towards me. Then I noticed the teen has also been gifted with ample breast, of course not as large as Linda’s, but very nice for her body size. She’s wearing a tshirt and warm ups, so I can’t see to well as to what her figure looks like. Linda introduced her as her daughter, Heather. Heather seemed a little shy, but would answer any questions I asked her. She seemed interested in my gym equipment, checking everything out while I talked to Linda. I asked Heather if she works out, she said, ” Me and mom do some cardio workouts at the house, sometimes, but that’s about it “. I tell her that she and her mom are welcome to join me anytime to work out. Heather seemed interested, Linda not as much. I insured Linda that it was ok with me if Heather did come over sometime.
A few days later , I head outside to the building to exercise. It’s a nice afternoon so I leave the door open, turn on my music and begin to warm up. I hear ” Hello?, it’s Heather ” , I say, ” Come on in”. She walks inside, wearing a long tshirt , that covers her butt, yoga pants and tennis shoes. I asked her if she come to join me working out? She said, “Yes, if it’s ok”, I told her of course it is. She told me she doesn’t really know what to do, so I get her to warm up with me. She told me that she wanted to loose a little weight and get firmed up. With out thinking I said. ” Well, you look really good the way you are “. Nervous about what I just said, I look at her and see her smiling, making me feel better about it. She said, “Really, you think so?” While twisting her little body around. I then say, ” Of course, I bet you have a lot of guy’s at school after you?” Wanting to see how she answers that. She says, “Some, but I’m not really interested in them. ” Peaking my interest, I asked, ” Who who are you interested in?”. ” I’m interested in older guy’s “, she tells me. Really having me interested now, but I decided to hold of for a minute on asking her another question and begin my bench press set. After my first set, while getting up, I asked her, “Just how much older are the guy’s you are interested in are?”. All she said was, ” Much older “. She now has me a little excited, as I change the weight for her to try to bench. She gets on the bench grabs the bar, as I stand in position to assist her, if needed. I see her look up ,at my shorts , checking me out! I think , is she really looking at my cock! After she finished her set, she says ,”it’s getting warm in here “. I ask her if she wants me to turn the air on, she tells me no, but ask if I mind if she takes her tshirt off, telling me that she has a “exercise bra” on. ” It’s fine with me, but what would your mom think if she was to walk in?” She told me that she was at work and wouldn’t be home until tonight. I started changing the weight back for my next set ,while watching her pull off her tshirt. After she pulled it off, she walks over to the side of the room, while watching her walk away, I think, ” Damn what a beautiful ass she has!!” Now not being able to completely concentrate on my set, worried that I may not be able to keep from “growing ” in my shorts while thinking about her sexy body, I didn’t even realize that she got into position to spot me. Once I got into position on the bench, she took a step closer to me, I couldn’t help but look up at her flat tummy, then seeing the bottom of her black sports bra holding her firm looking breast, as she has to look over her tits to see my face. I didn’t see her watching me checking out her beautiful tits. Once I see her face, I know she caught me looking, but all she does is smile at me! As I work on my set I can feel my cock growing stiff in my shorts, but now I don’t really care, I hope she is looking at it growing, knowing it’s because of her! Once I finished my set, I get up, she’s a little red faced. so I now know she did see me getting hard! Then she surprised me, saying, ” I’ve always wondered what it would be like to kiss a guy with a mustache and beard “. And me having them both, I asked, ” Would you like to find out, with me?” She blushed and said “Yes”. I then ask, “Are you going to tell anyone ?”. She told me ,no ,that she understood the situation. Feeling like she would keep her word, I got up,walked over to her, leaned down and gave her just a slow little kiss , feeling her soft lips against mine, it was all I could do to hold back from sliding my tongue in her mouth! ” How was that?” I asked. She said ,” I liked it, but want more.” I asked her, ” Just how much more ?” She then said ” Would you kiss me like you would your girlfriend?” She smiled at me while I asked her, “Are you sure?” Then she nodded yes, so I took a step closer to her, put my arms around her and once my lips touched her’s I opened her mouth with my tongue and slid it into hers, rubbing my tongue on hers. She slightly moaned, then slipped her tongue into my mouth. I let my hands caress their way down her back and onto her sweet ass, I then squeezed each of her ass cheeks, as we were still kissing, pulling her tightly against my body, letting her feel how hard she has made my shaft! I started kissing her neck as she started groping my ass. I learned over more kissing my way down to her sports bra. I then stood back up , my hands still holding her perfect ass tightly. I asked her, ” Have you ever been with a guy before?” She said, “No, but I have used my mom’s dildo”. She giggled a little after saying that. I then asked, ” Can I be your first guy?” When she said yes, I quickly put my tongue back in her mouth ,kissing her harder as I grabbed her ass again and picked her up by it! She wrapped her legs around me as we kept kissing and I walked over to the wall putting her against it. I slowly started grinding my rock hard cock against her little pussy,, until I couldn’t take it anymore! I eased her down, looking into her eyes as I pulled her bra off revealing her perky tits. She leaned her head back against the wall as I groped her beautiful breast, playing with hard nipples before I began to suck each one. I then took a step back, pulled of my shirt, then my shorts , letting her see my naked body, my cock standing at full attention as she ran her eyes up and down my body. I took her hand and put it on my shaft, her eyes getting bigger as she found just how hard it was for her! I then got close to her kissing her body as she was pulling on my cock. I then knelt down kissed her tummy , then looked up into her eyes as I pulled her yoga pants off. I then looked at her beautiful little pussy lips, seeing that she had it trimmed up. I began to kiss just above her pussy lips, then around on her thighs just as close as I could to her lips. Once she began to slightly moan , lifted her left leg up rest it over my shoulder and licked her from her asshole to the top of her wet tight little cunt! She started moaning loudly as I slipped my tongue deep inside her hot little pussy! Then I stood up , pre cum dripping from the head of my cock, I wanted to fuck her little cunt so badly!! I got her to lay down on our clothes, spread her legs open and laid down on top of her, my hard shaft pressing against her dripping wet cunt. We kissed for a minute, then I asked, ” Are you ready for my cock to be inside you?” She replied, ” Yes, please fuck me!” Well that’s all I needed to hear! I slipped the head of my cock in her cunt, she moaned! I asked, ” Are you ok?” She nodded yes, so started stuffing my shaft in to her, she’s so fucking tight!! Once I got it all in her I began to slowly slide in and out of her tight delicious cunt, she was apparently very horny as I made her cum quickly. But also as tight as she was , it wasn’t long before I had to pull out and cum over her flat tummy!
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