[ With a slightly different take on the cuckolding lifestyle—I offer this (hopefully) interesting alternative point of view regarding those husbands who no longer are engaged, sexually, with their wives. We’ve heard of ‘mercy-fucks’, well this is about ‘mercy-sucking!’ I hope this finds an audience with both men and women readers! ]

My name is Tiffany, and starting last year, and happily with the assistance, and support, of my husband, Chuck, I started a ‘service’ of sorts (I can’t think of an better word for it) helping married cuckolded guys, who’s wives are happily fucking other guys while their hubbies are pretty much left out of all that, but who need some sort of sexual relief service! My husband is very handy with his carpentry skills, and he made the back portion of our garage into a very fancy, neat and clean, private glory hole; and it’s there where I ‘service’ these married cuckold guys.

I know that a big cock is something a lot of women prefer, even if they may not admit it, and I love a big cock, too, but most of these cuckolded hubbies I suck off are definitely on the under-equipped, under-sized, side of the spectrum—however, I love sucking cock; and though a big one is a lot of fun to work with, I’ve found that a guy with a small, and let’s say, long-neglected cock, can be a lot of fun, too! Like I said, I just love sucking cock. I have always enjoyed sucking cock, which I got started doing before I was of ‘legal age’, and honestly, big or small, long or short, when I’m sucking a guys cock, I’M TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY ‘IN CHARGE’ OF THE ENTIRE TIME; and that’s what I really and truly enjoy about sucking cock. Of course, I also really, really love it when I feel the guy about to ejaculate his load of sperm; and the way it throbs and pulses; and the sounds he starts making as I use my mouth on his cock like the pussy he isn’t getting any longer!

Most of the guys that come over admit that they have not had any sort of sex with their wives in over 10 years (even though their wife has been fucking other guys the whole time); and so I spend a little extra time, and attention on their cocks! They appreciate that, too; if all the ‘thank you’s’ I get from them are any indication.

I have no interest in creating any sort of ‘relationship’ with any of these guys. I warn them about that right from the beginning, too. I’m ONLY interested (Sorry guys! But’s true!) in sucking your cock, and swallowing your load of (neglected) cum. Period. End of story. So, if a guy begins to act like he’d developing something more than I care to be a part of…they get ONE warning. ‘I’m ONLY interested in sucking you off, guys! NOTHING MORE THAN THAT. Okay?’ Usually I have no further problems. But, if I do, then it’s ‘Good bye, and GO AWAY! We’ (them) ‘are DONE!’