A Playground for Kids becomes one for Adults

The park sand play area was in the far corner of the field near the windbreak of pine trees. The baseball backstop formed the second enclosing barrier so that the swing sets and slides were hidden from views from the dead end gravel road or the parking lot. Only by walking through the picnic tables or driving around the outfield and past the pitchers bullpen could you drive right to the playground. In the center of the little amusements was a familiar contraption the spinning merry go-round. By running along side the kids could jump aboard and then pull them selves toward the center increasing the spin like an ice skater twirling and drawing in her legs and arms. Over and over they would spin and play taking turns flying out of the side into the soft sands.It was nothing more than a circle of plate steel mounted on an old truck wheel bearing. There were pipe railings leading towards the center like chutes. Laughing children made daytime play here.Things would be different tonight; it was quiet in a moonless warm summer evening. The post midnight sky was inky black and scattered with brilliant jewels and celestial spirits.

The van slowly drove the last quarter mile with lights off at a near idle like a a brisk walk. Anne glanced across the front seat as they turned and blocked the road’s view for any approach that followed. Unable to unfasten the seat belt with her cuffed hands behind your back, I walked around, open the door, and blindfold Anne securely. Slipping the gag between her teeth and fastening it firmly, he then opened the buckles and pulled her out to stand and be led helplessly to the swing set. Backing you slowly against the highest hanging seat strap, I push you off your feet and into the swings seat. Easing your weight forward I unlock one hand’s cuff and move it the the suspending chain high over your head. With the other hand I pull out a suspension cuff, close it around your wrist before fixing it in the same position. Now I replace the first metal bracelet with the second suspension cuff and place it so you arms can just extend a bit to rest while sitting. Now I pull you forward as far as I can holding you chest high on your pendulum’s swing. Unfastening your slacks and taking your panties elastic with my thumbs, I pull them under your bottom and down to your knees. Here I can hold you in the air while I pull off your shoes with one hand. Sliding the pants over you ankles I let you swing back and away into the dark, bare bottomed and constrained to the swing. Pulling your self up and onto your feet you stand chained from above in the sand box not knowing what will be next or where it will come from. Your last contact with any control of your movement is your feet in the sand holding you just as far back as you can step before the chains on your wrist cuffs lift you into the air. Walking silently around behind I push you forward so the seat cam slip under you once again. Now by pulling your ankles back and bending your knees I can hold you out of reach of the ground again, but this time your bare bottom is right at waist height in front of me. Taking a small soft plug from my bag of tricks I lube it and slowly slide it completely into your unprotected ass. You shudder reflexively and I feel your soft cunt growing moist as I reach beneath. The strap seat is holding you positioned weightless and by stepping back or forward I can find the perfect height to place the tip of my cock against the guarding lips. There is no way to resist or escape. With your butt hanging out and the strap at mid thigh you present easy access to the entrance to your warmth. My fingers outline the edges of the entrance slowly circling just grazing the outer edge of lips. Pressing gently at the perineum I waken more response and stir embers of a fire that has been dormant.