The train travel to Antwerp and then on to Berlin went uneventfully. The distances weren’t great between each but it afforded Tim and I some alone time, even if not private. I swore to myself that I was going to maul him when we got home after a little recovery time which would only require the day after we got home. I was hungry for him alone. Physically and emotionally hungry for my man. His tenderness and overwhelming love to be privately and personally experienced. The train trip was to meet up with Mr. R and the others for the flight back home on his private plane.

Arriving late morning in Berlin we are met by Marie and Anthony in a rental car. They inform us that we have time for sightseeing. As Anthony negotiates the Berlin streets he tells us that Mr. R’s meetings have run long and we won’t be leaving until the next morning. He has already let everyone back in the States know that Tim will be delayed by these meeting extensions. So we are headed for the hotel they have been staying at the past few days. This gives Marie, Anthony, Tim and I time to sightsee in Berlin even if an afternoon isn’t even a start to the see the wonders of Berlin. It is, however, all the time we have. Then we will meet with Mr. R in the early evening for dinner and drinks. I haven’t had an evening free since we left, I wonder if this one will be any different.

After getting Tim and I checked into the hotel and dumping our luggage in our room, we are only a few doors from Marie’s room, and quickly freshen up from the travel, we set out for sightseeing around Berlin. Our first stop is the Brandenburg Gate which is actually fairly close to the hotel. This is almost a main symbol of Berlin. It is a former city gate located west of city center. It was a monumental entry point into the city. It was actually built as a symbol of peace. It was originally built in the late 1700’s. It stands with a large plaza and beautiful flower garden with a water fountain. As we walk around the area, Tim decides it might also be a wonder place to get some pictures of me flashing. This is a large German city with people everywhere. I am uncomfortable but true to his respect for my concerns my exhibitionism is restricted to lifting the back of my summer dress to flash him my naked ass. Then sitting on a bench, he and the others on the opposite side of the walkway, I pull up my dress and spread my legs for a few pictures, being very careful not to cause a scene by having other strollers seeing what we are doing. Walking back to the car, Anthony puts his hand on my ass, leans in and asks me how I felt. I had to admit it was a turn-on. Because of the way it was handled and no issue was created. It was careful flashing and not public nudity.