The next morning they awoke early in the morning and were on the beachside porch, naked and their feet up on the railing looking out over the morning ocean when Nancy arrived with coffee and fresh cut fruit. She announced herself and Tim called for her to bring it out to the porch. She set the tray on a table and poured coffee for each, “How are you guys doing this morning? You all look more refreshed than yesterday morning.”

Barb chuckled, “Well, we got to bed earlier last night. Okay, to be more exact we got to sleep earlier last night.” That got a laugh from everyone including Nancy.

Handing each of them a small plate of fruit, “Do you have any plans for today, or another day of relaxing?”

Barb replied, “No plans, just relax.”

Michele countered, “Not me! I plan to try to break that bed this time.”

“Michele! Not in front of Nancy.”

“It’s alright, Barb. The honesty is refreshing. So many people act as though we don’t know what is going on around here. I like you guys. Your relationship is unusual, but you are clearly all in love and open about it.”

Tim looked at the women and corrected the earlier impression, “Actually, I do have something planned for today. Parasailing for you two.”

Nancy was immediately excited, “Oh, ladies! You are going to love that. The views are amazing. I am sure you will go past much of the populated parts of the beach and shore. You’ll love it.”

“Especially how I have arranged it. But, don’t ask, you’ll see.”

They relaxed most of the morning, did the beach thing and played in the surf a little more before Tim got everyone going to get ready for the excursion to the docks to meet up with the boat for their adventure. Michele wasn’t really surprised but Barb definitely was that Tim had not forgotten about the large tank tops that he had Michele use the last time they were here for wearing to the beaches and in town shopping. The tank tops had huge arm holes that allowed a view of the sides of the breast under the right (or wrong) conditions. The bottoms ended just below their asses so they were technically covered … when they were standing and the wind wasn’t blowing.

Dressed in those and their sandal heels and carrying lotion they made their way to the lobby and the resort van to take them to the docks. Michele enquired, “Sir, shouldn’t we have bikinis for the parasailing?”

“I have everything planned, Michele. You two do trust me, right?”

“Of course,” was the dual response. But they shared looks between them. He was up to something, they just didn’t know what. YET …

The resort van dropped them off at the docks Tim specified before they left the resort. The entire journey had the driver adjusting the rearview mirror as the women sitting behind him could not possibly keep themselves properly covered in the outfit they wore. In fact, before even leaving the resort, Tim had a side talk with the driver which the women assumed was about their destination. In reality it was to assure him that he had no problem if he looked at the women, just don’t get us into an accident. The driver smiled broadly and assured Tim that he would personally guarantee their safe arrival. Once inside the van he turned and looked at the women and insisted that they fasten their seatbelts. Of course, the cinching of the belts only pulled the tops further up their thighs and there really wasn’t much further for them to go. And as he watched them reach for the belts and get them clipped in, he was provided with excellent direct looks at two fine, hairless pussies. He looked beyond the women and was reassured by a wide grin on Tim’s face.