With that Mom picked up her dress and we both picked up our heels and followed Marie to the house. She took us up to a spare suite, not ours. She saw my concern, “Everything you will need is in here or will be brought in.” Entering the suite, it looks like the others only the others didn’t have two stylists and chairs waiting inside. Mom just froze but Marie gently guided us into the bathroom. “Shower and everything else that you need to in here. Don’t play with each other too much. You’re on a schedule.” And she closed the door.

It was twenty minutes later when we walked back out. Our hair wet and still naked. Marie just shook her head as we walked to her and the ladies waiting. They appeared slightly uncomfortable with our casual nudity. “I thought I said not too much playing with other in there. In case you are not familiar with the concept, ‘not too much’ means ‘almost none’. Now we’re behind schedule. But I don’t think they can start without you regardless.” She then directed the ladies to work their magic and ‘somehow’ makes us beautiful. I went to slap her but Mom was already moving. We bumped into each other trying to slap Marie’s ass. We hung onto each other for a moment and turned to the women who directed us to the chairs.

After finishing our hair, they showed us and I loved it. And I told them so. I absolutely loved the look. Waves into my long hair with more fullness. Then they started on our nails, hands and feet. So our shoes would be open toed. The makeup on our face and eyes was minimal. She even commented that too much on us would be wasted and take away from our natural look. Then she got nervous. I asked why and she hesitated. “They want us to apply a little, just a little for highlight, they said … on your …”

Mom responded, “On our breasts?”

“And your nipples. It won’t take much.”

I chuckled and shrugged at Mom, “Do whatever you were instructed. I love everything you have done. How are we doing on time?”

“We are going to be a little late. We will save some time here, but I think the other lady was correct. They can’t start without you. You are supposed to be ready at 5:00 PM and it is almost that.”

They finished up in just a few more minutes and they took us to full length mirrors brought in for this. I told them how wonderful their efforts made us look. They disagreed, that we made their efforts look good. I kissed her on the lips, then pulled back, “I hope I didn’t offend you with that.”

“Oh, no, Miss. This is so exciting. We feel it, too, just helping you.”

“So you know what is going to happen?”

“You will, too. I think when you see the clothes, you will know, too. You must have a wonderfully exciting life, Ladies.”