It wasn’t the next day but before the weekend was over we gave Helen her shave as requested. I convinced Tim to disappear for the afternoon to give us ‘girls’ time for some alone activity.

“All afternoon? What do you do all afternoon?”

“Girl stuff. Now that the hot-tub is ready to use again, maybe we’ll soak and drink wine, do our nails, mostly talk. Probably about you. Girl stuff.”

I was surprised how much I was really looking forward to just having some simple ‘girl time’ with Mom and Helen. Sure, it isn’t like we don’t have plenty of time most days by ourselves but we have things to do that keep us busy. Okay, to be honest, part of those ‘things to do’ is responding to the advances of the dogs, but still … a girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do. So I kept a close eye on the other two so we would all be ready to devote ourselves to this silly event once Tim left. There were two big things in my mind beyond acting like high school girls on a sleepover. Well maybe not that far.

Helen wanted her pussy shaved and cleaned smooth. I wanted her naked, starting with Mom and me, at least. We have not pushed too hard and I didn’t want to. But with her shaving it might lead to just remaining naked as we got silly. I was hoping to get her a little more comfortable with her body and bring her out a little more.

Once Tim left, I took the cover off the hot-tub and started stripping out of my clothes. Mom, of course, followed my lead and we were quickly in the hot water with our glasses of wine nearby. Helen looked at us, then at the patio door to the house and back to us. I didn’t say anything to her but made small talk to Mom about how nice this felt and too bad we waited until we were into summer before we got it maintained and ready for use. I turned to say something casual to Helen and saw her looking at us nervously. “Come in, Helen. It really feels nice. It will relax you and also soften your skin and make it easier to remove the hair.”

“Maybe I should get my bikini.”

“If you want, okay. But it is just us. Tim is gone and we have the entire afternoon alone. No boys to bother us. And we will be naked together soon when we help you with taking the hair off around your pussy. But it’s up to you.”

She seemed to lighten up with a chuckle and she started pulling her tee-shirt over her head. “Yea, like you consider have guys around to be a bother.”

Mom almost choked on her wine. “Michele, this one is going to fit in here just fine.”

Helen was pushing her shorts down her legs when she spotted us watching her. “You’re going to make me blush by staring.”