While my weekend had been and was undoubtedly going to continue being interesting, Mom and Helen were back home with a much quieter situation. The home front had gone from four adults and two dogs with a remaining boarding dog to just two adult woman, a dog and the boarding dog. Just my absence undoubtedly changed the tenor of the place much less the expectations of Tim when he was home.

The rest of Friday went as normal, like any other. The day virtually proceeded as though by its own inertia. It might have taken more effort to do something different. We had agreed that the remaining boarding dog had progressed in training very well, just like the one that had been purchased. So we had settled on performing basic activities with the dog to maintain the training level for the next woman interested. He would be fucked once a day to keep him familiar with the process and feel. He would also be routinely challenged on the clothed-unclothed response. This was felt to be a critical element that provides the client with a solid sense of comfort that her friends and guests would not be embarrassed if the dog happened to be left out among them.

Helen assisted Mom as was her habit now. Although we were both very accustomed to mating with dogs by ourselves, it allowed for better testing of the clothed response and to have independent evaluation of the dog’s abilities over a period of time with the documentation of the comments and responses from the mating each time. Or at least as many times as possible. And, besides, Helen seemed to like being involved and present. Far from being intimidated or uncomfortable, she truly seemed to be attentive and focused. She explained that since she was often the first point of contact for inquiries or referrals, the more she understood and was familiar with the better she could interact and assist the clients. Or provide information to Bob for that matter. So we stopped being concerned or sensitive to her being around when we were with the dogs. She was okay and we finally accepted that.

In fact it did work well. Mom walked into training/demo room of the kennel building looking for Helen and found her in the office area on the phone. She learned that she was talking to the woman who had just purchased the dog. What she heard was:

“Yes, ma’am. I understand your issue. May I ask if you have watched the DVD for that information?”
“No, ma’am, that’s fine. I was only asking to determine if perhaps the DVD was not projecting the technique properly or clearly. I would suggest you viewing the DVD sometime when you are able, but I am happy to provide you with information over the phone.”
“Yes, ma’am. I understand. Yes, the penis certainly is hard and can hurt when it continues to pound into your cheek.”
“Yes, ma’am.”
“Yes, ma’am, okay. So you have him good and hard? He is sticking out of his sheath a good amount?”
“Yes, ma’am, I know this is difficult to discuss, even over the phone. Yes, and to someone who is your daughter’s age.”
“Ma’am? Do you remember in the demonstration here at the kennel when we told you about using your hand as a way to guide him into you?”
“Yes, with your hand between your legs.”
“Good, yes, I am sure that you will have much better success and enjoyment if you do that each time with your lover.”
“Yes, we do think of them as lovers.”
“I hope you do to, ma’am.”
“Please don’t. Please just call us if you have any questions. We want your experience to be as good as ours. Thank you, ma’am.”