I think Jayson and Jake took pity on me. They both knew they had already enjoyed my body before the trouble with Nate occurred. Then, being gracious, they volunteered to take Nate back to the marina and return, leaving Tom, Tim, Cody and I to relax and not be subjected to any more of Nate’s attitude in the process of throwing him off the weekend. The weekend that was occurring in large part as the result of his suggestions. But his demeanor was the problem, not the idea of the weekend so the rest of us would enjoy it without him. Upon returning, though, they saw the effects on me from the play we had so thoroughly enjoyed. And rather than sinking in the cool water of the lake drinking beer, they thought of a better, more practical idea.

I saw them whisper and they starting directing the action. Tom was to gather the towels, beer cooler and other miscellaneous items, Tim was to get Cody on board the houseboat. I watched the activity and wondered what they were doing. I was happy just sitting and letting my cunt soak up the water and to rest before this started once again. But they seemed intent to not let me rest and I wanted to react but knew my purpose here and let it go. I guess that is the difference between being a true personality submissive and a submissive like I am to giving Tim pleasure in challenging me. I will do what Tim asks but there are times when it would be nice not to. But I also knew this would turn out well because Tim always made sure that it would and my enjoyment was often in the challenge and the completing the challenge, putting myself out there for others. But like with Nate he would make sure that the challenge would be safe and ultimately enjoyable. The almost excessive series of fuckings on the cove was an example and despite the potential for being tender, if not sore, it had been completely, utterly, and amazingly a wonderful experience.

As I watched the activity, I was suddenly being picked up by Jayson and only then noticed that Jake had boarded the rear of the houseboat. Jayson easily carried me to the boat and raised me up for Jake to take me into his arms. He then carried me up the stairway to the upper deck and directly to the hot-tub that I saw was operating now. He set me onto the edge, turn a knob and the jets started churning the water. I turned my face up and he lowered his and we shared a kiss. I then slid my body into the water and sighed deeply with a contented smile spreading over my face, my eyes closing with the sensations of the hot water soaking my muscles and joints, the churning water from the jets nearly applying a massaging effect on my body.