The following weekend Tim took us all to the next city for the day of shopping and dinner. We women were all dressed nice for the day; specifically meaning sundresses with thin straps, braless and sandal-style heels. Helen still wore panties but Mom and I were naked under our dresses. All of our dresses ended a foot above the knee and it looked good on all of us. Mom has gotten used to wearing the younger styles and she looks good in them. The shopping was to be mainly at Sharon’s boutique but also some shoes and outfits. Most of the shopping was for Helen but Mom and I were also looking for some things. It was going to be expensive … and fun! Three women spending money on clothes. And that’s three women who don’t wear a lot of clothes.

We first went to the casual wear store for shorts, tee shirts, blouses and skirts. Helen pointed us to a peasant skirt and we all tried one on and loved the feel. They were very light material but colorful. The material was light enough that there was a sense of air flow even though they were nearly full length. Then it was off to the shoe store. This store had a variety but also had wonderful high heels of different styles and colors. Tim was a little more involved in this store. He hadn’t shown much interest in the casual wear store but the high heels meant a totally different occasion for wearing them and the implications very much interested him. Helen tried on several types and Tim kept encouraging her into higher heels than she was initially considering.

Tim got her into a chair for the clerk to assist her with four of the styles identified. The clerk measured her foot and went off to find her size. Upon returning he assisted in putting the shoes on and with her moving her legs and feet, her light sundress noticeable slid up her thighs until the inevitable occurred. And Tim was delighted. Mom and I were caught watching with fascination because we had both been subjected to this ourselves. Without her realizing what had occurred, she was sitting with her knees apart and her dress far up her thighs. Only when the young male clerk suddenly stopped, noticing that he had a clear view of her panty covered pussy did Helen realize. She quickly closed her legs and turned a bright red. But Tim let it go. He had her walk for us in the shoes and then try on the next pair. Although she tried desperately to keep her knees closed, the clerk handling her feet and her up and down gave him several more close views of her marginally covered pussy. And the coverage became more marginal as the time passed because it became increasingly evident that she was becoming excited. Her little panties were now showing a distinct wet spot. And the poor sales clerk had to adjust himself several times that Mom and I noticed. We also saw that Helen saw him once, too. From watching him, she developed a small smile, then turned and noticed us watching her. She blushed instantly but looked over at the young man again, then back to us, winked and smiled. That’s our girl.