The next day I sat Helen down and made sure what I expected to happen with Kaycee’s training. I also gave Tim a bit of talking to in the bedroom as he was getting ready for work. I didn’t intend to start his day off badly but I believed we were very lucky last night when Kaycee was introduced to our sex play so soon. We have a process and plan that we have had extremely good success with in training dogs from Jackson to client dogs and boarding dogs for Bob. In the excitement of feeling Helen’s love and connection with the new dog, that process was thrown out the door along with any good reasoning.

Tim sat on the bed in mid-dressing, staring at his feet. I knew this man and there are times when even he, the man who loves us so much he would do virtually anything for us if he could, can become defensive when cornered. Moreover, I realized then that I had confronted him in a manner that was cornering. I had him trapped without giving him a chance for explanation or answering. I sat down next to him and put my arms around him and my head on his shoulder, “I’m sorry, Tim. That wasn’t fair. I know it was the excitement of the moment and Helen’s fever pitch emotions and you were feeding it with her attachment to the dog. It’s strange, isn’t it? Those two seem to connect at a level that most humans and dogs take some time of bonding and trust. I know this is silly, but it is almost as if those two in another life were connected, bound to each other. Maybe they were lovers before.” He looked at me with a funny look in his eyes. “I don’t know if I really believe prior lives, that we bring elements of with us as we move into a new reality. Nevertheless, it’s a feeling with them. The bonding was almost instantaneous. You would have had to see it, Tim. I’ve never seen anything like it before. From the moment she took his leash from Bob, Kaycee obeyed every command immediately and completely. When she went back to work after she accepted him as hers, he stayed right next to her at the desk.” He put his arms around me and kissed my head. I knew everything was good. “Even last night was beyond reason.” I looked up at him, “Did I mention I am sorry for my reaction just now?”

He lifted my chin and kissed my lips, “That came through loud and clear. Moreover, just so you know, I sat down and was quiet not because I was controlling a fight impulse. I realized how right you were. Involving an untrained, new a****l so soon was thoughtless. But you are also right that it seemed so right and powerful at the moment.” He hugged me and kissed me. “You might be right about them in some manner. It is uncanny how they have bonded so fast. What you didn’t see was the look in his eyes last night as he watched Helen and me. It was a look of devotion … or something. I don’t know … we put so much into the action of a****ls and I don’t know if it’s fair to them.”