Helen woke the next morning to a sunny day outside. They had neglected to close the d****s, which now caused her to wonder what anyone in the opposite wing of the hotel might have seen as Juli and she alternately fucked Harry until he came. But, she also woke to the realization that she was a part of a mass of intertwined legs, arms, and bodies. All naked. And, since she was in the middle of this mess, all she could do was smile at the thought of what has become of her life, the wonderful, marvelous, exciting, and very loving things that have become of her life. And two of those were right here, intertwined with her and each other. She put a hand on each of their arms crossing her body, stretched to each side to kiss whatever she could reach, a shoulder for one, a head for the other. Then she closed her eyes, happy and content, not thinking of sleep but again finding it … and a dream about a very beautiful, jet black horse.

Juli, pulling herself from the pile, woke Helen for the second time this morning. Then, the two of them pounced on Harry, shocking him awake. After showers and getting ready, Helen searched her remaining clothes and realized that her options were small. She had a short, full skirted dress that was stunning on her, but … she wanted to ride Eclipse again today. Juli laughed at her despondent look, and kissed her forehead, “It’s a full skirt, and you’ll be able to ride. Only … I would suggest wearing pretty panties.” They were giggling as Harry came out of the bathroom. He looked at them but decided he might be better off not knowing. He just shook his head and went to the door, holding it for them.

“Ladies, first breakfast and more coffee. Then the show to finish the remaining exhibits. That shouldn’t take all day but I can’t imagine how any free time might be filled today.” He was teasing and Helen knew it. She went into a skip and passing him, gave him a swat on the ass, continuing her skip to the bank of elevators. He took Juli’s hand as she came up to him, “How can such a thing go from sucking off a horse and fucking me at night and the next morning is skipping along like she is thirteen? She’s irrepressible.”

At the convention center, the exhibition hall is crowded but not nearly as much as it has been. The last day is often less busy as people start heading home. But, many people believe the last day is an opportunity to possibly score on some great deals for items that exhibitors might just as well not have to pack up and return home with. They weren’t there to buy but to check out possible new vendors and suppliers for the ranch. But, with two women in tow, Harry was trying to keep a firm grip on his wallet and credit cards in particular.