Although they did shower together, there was a minimal amount of playing. Certainly not like what would have happened if she was in this shower with Michele and Barb. There was some washing of each other’s bodies but it was tentative by the other women and Helen elected to not push too much quite yet. Washing each other’s hair was helpful and allowed a certain amount of exploratory touching.

They dried off with very large, soft, and fluffy towels. Helen dropped hers once she was dry but the other two were tying theirs around themselves. Helen looked at them and challenge what they were doing, “You indicated you also wanted to explore playing with each other. Is that still your hope?”

They both nodded, it was. They looked at each other and dropped their towels. Then Sonja took her daughter into a front-to-front hug, heads on each other’s shoulders. “I love you, Marg. I’ve had this feeling for you for a long time, but … I was afraid, I admit it, I was afraid you might reject me or be offended and hurt.” She pulled back only slightly and looked at her daughter, “May I kiss you? On the lips, like I truly want to?”

Marg nodded, perhaps not daring to use her voice, and they kissed and it was beautiful for Helen to watch. When they broke, she took them by the hands and led them from the bathroom, into the hall, and down toward the kitchen before they could think more about it. All three of them entered the kitchen naked. They stayed that way the rest of the evening.

In the kitchen, Sonja went to the oven and found serving bowls of cooked ground beef, rice, beans, and salsa. In the refrigerator, Marg found serving bowls of grated cheese and chopped lettuce, and a pitcher of margaritas. On the counter was a package of taco shells. Finding the pitcher, Marg directed Helen to where she would find glasses. They moved all this to the table on the patio.

Sonja reached out to Helen and her Marg, touching each, “This is so nice. I can’t believe I am doing this, but it is so … freeing, liberating. Do you do this kind of thing often, Helen?”

“I’m not sure what ‘this kind of thing’ you are referring to. The horse, showering together, or nudity.”

“That was rather open, wasn’t it. The nudity, you seem so comfortable with it, though earlier today there was a hint of nervousness, shyness sometimes, but you did so well. And, your Juli wasn’t ever scared. It makes me think you guys must have a very open lifestyle. Are you nudists, by chance?”

Helen giggled. The food was good and they were getting into interesting conversation about each other, but they were both very intrigued about Helen’s home life. “No, we don’t think of it as a nudist lifestyle. But … well, I’ll just say it … we are mostly always nude. But, the difference is we are naked for a reason. Although it is comfortable and freeing, it is more than that for us.”