I woke the next morning to delightful senses invading my waking being. There was light coming in through the balcony door, covered by curtains. The ocean breeze played with the curtains, blowing them into the room and then closed, again. Filtered light splashed into the room. It also brought a light, fresh breeze across the bed, caressing my naked body. I moved my legs and realized the top sheet must have been kicked off during the night. The sounds coming to me were very different than most mornings; I heard the rhythmic sounds from the water below as the ship cut through the regular waves, the call of some ocean bird. Could we be getting close to land or have we always been near islands as we cruised through the night?

I was also alone in bed. Anthony was nowhere to be seen in the suite, but I caught a glimpse of him, and Shadow sitting next to him, on the balcony as the curtain was again blown into the room. I stretched my body, pushing a pillow hard into the headboard, feeling the breeze wash over my body, again. Wow, a whole week with no option for clothes. I then bounced up and went straight for the bathroom. Coming out I searched the room for coffee but found none. I went to the balcony door and pulled the curtain back opening the room to the full light of the early morning. Our room was currently facing maybe Northwest, so the light was good, but not the bright, in-your-eyes morning sun.

Shadow saw me before Anthony did. I crouched down for him and then saw that Tucker was on the floor of the balcony but he was getting up to greet me with wagging tail, also. After licks from the two of them and pets to their heads and scratches to their ears, I stood up to find Anthony holding a cup of coffee to me. I took it and sipped it, enjoying the smell and the first taste of morning coffee. I saw him now with open arms inviting me into his lap. I smiled and accepted his offer. I snuggled into his lap and chest, feeling his cock stir against my butt as my breast pressed into his chest as I kissed him on the cheek.

I wiggled into him and settled to sip my coffee and gaze out into the ocean. There were islands visible at different distances. “Hmmmmm, this is so nice.”

“Very nice. I remembered how much you like to cuddle.”

“I do. I hope you don’t mind.”

He chuckled, “How could I possibly mind holding you?”

“Hmmmmm … feels good to me, too. Speaking of feeling good … how was Natasha last night? Do you want to be with her, again?”

“I enjoyed the whole thing last night very much. I would very much like to have her with us, again.”

Suddenly, my brain started functioning on all levels, “Wait a minute! Room service coffee and Continental Breakfast on the balcony and I was naked in bed …” He just smiled and sipped his coffee, then put a strawberry to my lips.