I was encouraged to take a long soak in the tub with some Epsom salts to help me recover, which I did. Then, I was sent out to get more beer, Jack Daniels, and some sides for when the guys grilled steaks later. Tim had me wear the tight ‘volleyball shorts’ that he likes Helen and me to wear when we workout. Then a smallish sports bra and shoes. I was to say I was returning from the gym if asked. Really, though, he wanted me exposed more in public, and by myself.

When I got back, they didn’t waste much time. They even helped me unload the car and put things away and the beer on ice. Yes, I got more ice, too, since they had used most of it on Cody and me earlier. I still shivered at the memory.

They didn’t allow me to remain in clothes for long, though. The rest of the afternoon and very early evening was spent on the patio or family room. Tim had a baseball game on. The Diamondbacks were on a winning streak, so the guys had some interest. But that was a time passer, that and drinking beer and … me. Tim came up with an interesting game for us while they watched the ballgame. The guys stripped down, I sucked them hard, and then they stroked themselves to remain that way. As each batter came up to the plate, I switched to the next man in the circuit. Of course, this had the effect of stimulating me tremendously and allowing them to last for a very long time. Also, the man I was on when the side got out had the benefit of waiting for the sides to change out and the new team to come to bat. The third time that happened was the first orgasm for me. I could tell the guys were going to last for a long time at that rate.

Halfway through the ballgame, they lost interest in the ballgame, and we went out to the patio. I had been sitting on Anthony’s cock when the decision was made and the stud grabbed my waist and stood up, me still on his cock. When we got outside, he lowered me to my feet, bent me over the patio table, and proceeded to finish himself off inside me. The prolonged stimulation and delayed climax had quite an effect on him as he came inside me the hardest I could ever remember him cumming. It was wonderful, feeling spurt after spurt of his cum shoot inside me with each jerk of his cock and moan from his mouth. It was all I needed to orgasm once more.

From then on, I was fucked man after man, sometimes sitting on them and other times on the grass next to the patio in either missionary or doggy. After each fuck, I was instructed to clean each cock with my mouth, which took no encouragement at all. After cleaning the last one, I knelt back to sit on my heels and I looked around at the men. All were sipping another beer and Harry handed one to me. As I knelt in front of them, my knee spread and their cum dripping from my well used pussy, I took a strong pull from the bottle and sighed at the refreshing taste and feel of the liquid going down my throat.