Mikayla, chapter 2,  The Gang stores her away, but

“Hold the stupid cunt still.. will you Roman! Jeezus Fuck, she’s still a feisty little thing, isn’t she?”, roared the panting Boss. His pants were down around his ankles and his fat hips were thrusting back and forth demonically, as he further bellowed.

“You Like this cunt?! You like havin an old man’s cock plowing into your young pussy? You like getting your young pussy fucked by all sorts of men!” He laughed and then groaned. Yelling this at the young woman he was drilling into with rapid repeatedly deep thrusts of his thick cock. His fingers intensely digging in to her waist, to hold her quaking hips steady.

He didn’t expect a reply as she was gagged with a brutally deep and mouth filling gag, strapped and locked securely around her jerking and thrashing head. Her whole body was shuddering, and every tied up limb of her young body was instinctively fighting uselessly for freedom and to escape his angry rough assault.

Because of the huge choking gag, Mikayla could only sob and tremble, as she felt his hips ram into her bare sore ass cheeks. She was bent over her cage. Yes, ‘her’ cage, as she had even despairingly come to think of it. Her cage, where she spent her days naked, chained and huddled in fear. Waiting for these men to come and ‘teach her a lesson’ as they liked to say.

She was suffering thru another long morning of being the gang’s fuck toy, their ‘cum depository’, as the gang’s accountant called her. Even the accountant in charge of handling the legitimizing of the gang’s illicit activities, had taken to starting his mornings this way. By forcing his cock into her abused sex and r****g the captive crying Mikayla every day, before getting his morning coffee and turning on his computer to study his spreadsheets.

They would drag her out of her cage by her long dark hair. Her pitiful sobs and pleadings, if she wasn’t yet gagged, getting her no where. They would spread her legs, tie her ankles off to the far corner bars of her new home and then bend her over the top. Exposing her marvelous ass and cunt and getting it in position for an easy entrance.

Then every member of the gang, in house that day, would start their day off right, by burying their dicks into a whimpering and sobbing Mikayla. Cunt, ass or mouth, for Mikayla it was a different hole every day and a humiliating experience every moment she was awake as they treated her like a thing to only fuck and make feel pain.

This morning Roman had a strenuous grip of her rope bound wrists with one of his strong hands and was bending them upward, over her head, in the most agonisingly painful way. His other hand was pushing down on the space between Mikayla’s shoulder blades. Crushing her soft chest into the rough wooden top of the cage and holding her squirming torso in place.