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We enjoyed the dinner continuing the chats about the incidents in their college. Then I went to the kitchen and started cleaning after asking them to move to their bedroom to retire to sleep. So they seemed to move to their room. I even moved to my bedroom after finishing the cleaning. I lay down on my bed but did not feel sleepy yet.

I was just thinking about the boys. Sure they seemed to get out of it after the discussion about the incidents in college. But their unusual excitement and their stares kept worrying me. So while I was thinking about the same, I heard some footsteps around the door and soon both of them entered my bedroom. They came and sat beside me on the bed.

I got up and laid my back on the headrest of the bed and asked – ‘What happened my dears? Are you not getting sleep?’ Rajesh replied – ‘No mom, we were not getting sleep.’ Shreyas then added – ‘Mom can we have your milk now.’ I was hesitant to allow it now.

I have made sure that they have their feeding only once in a day or two. With both boys having my milk, it used to help me enough if I feed them that way. And they already had the feeding this afternoon. So I thought that might not be needed now. I used to allow them before. But after what happened earlier today, I was hesitant to allow that.

Seeing me thinking, Rajesh added – ‘What happened, mom? You used to allow us earlier to have your milk. Is it because what we did in the afternoon?’ Shreyas also joined – ‘Yeah mom, Are you still angry about that?’ I immediately replied – ‘No my loves, nothing like that. How can I be angry on you both..’ Then Shreyas asked – ‘Then why are you not allowing us to feed like earlier.’

Rajesh asked – ‘We are sorry mom if you are still angry at it. But please don’t avoid us.’ After listening to these words from their mouth, my heart melted a bit. I felt that I can allow them to feed since they used to help me in pain, and it is unfair if I deny when they want it. So I thought I will allow them and make sure that it does not go out of control.

So I asked them to lie down on either side of me on the bed. Rajesh moved over to my left and Shreyas settled down to my right. I then slowly unhooked my blouse hooks and bra and pulled my both breasts out of it. Then I laid on my back. They adjusted besides me on either side such that their faces are near my breasts and placed their lips on the nipples. Then they started taking my nipples into their mouths and licked it.

They seemed to kiss it long before starting to suck. I asked them – ‘Make it quick dears.’ With that, they started to suck. I felt the milk flowing. I felt as if my love is flowing into them. I felt relaxed and loving. Then Shreyas said – ‘Mom, these hooks are hurting my cheeks.’