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It had all started out great. Alyssa had met her husband and they had quickly fallen in love. It all seemed perfect he even accepted her daughter McKayla from her first marriage. The honeymoon period lasted three months before it turned into a nightmare. He started abusing her hitting her but never leaving a mark and their love making was more like rapes now. She could have accepted this he provided a good lifestyle and was kind and gentle most of the time but then he began watching McKayla. One weekend he left on a business trip and Alyssa packed two bags for each and gathered every cent she could and her and her daughter drove away. She had considered where they could go and had started calling around but she was turned away by everyone she talked to because everyone feared her husband. After a week on the road and having no where to turn she thought of someone that might help them. She got his number and called him , after talking for awhile she explained the situation. He surprised her and invited the two of them to his home. He lived in a small low income apartment in a housing complex in a small out of the way town in upstate New York. Upon arriving he invited them in and explained how things would work if they accepted his help. Let me make it clear if I help you the two of you are mine , you belong to me to do with as I wish but no one will harm you and you will be protected.

You also need not worry about others , I don’t share. Alyssa do you agree to my condition. Having no where else to go she said yes I am yours unconditionally. Excellent and you McKayla. McKayla replied that she also agreed to his claim I belong to you unconditionally. Good then take your things into the back room get settled in and come back here naked. McKayla grabbed her two bags and headed for the back bedroom but Alyssa stood stunned and finally said how is this different than the way it was under my husband’s control. Not much but the differences are important I won’t hurt either of you and I won’t make you pleasure others. Biting her lower lip she turned to follow her daughter thinking was this a mistake. Settled in the two returned to the front room he used as his bedroom.

He awaited them and instructed Alyssa to try to contact her husband. Arguing against this she finally gave in but found he could not be found anywhere finally giving up after hours of trying. The two of you are safe he can never bother anyone ever again. I have done my part of the agreement now it is your turn. I have dreamt of this since I first saw you when we worked together all those years ago and your beautiful sixteen year old daughter is a pleasant bonus. McKayla please climb up here and slide that beautiful virgin pussy down onto my virgin cock. Alyssa come here and put my tongue between those fantastic thighs so I can taste your pussy. Doing this the three began a four day sex marathon. Alyssa soon found that a promise not to get hurt didn’t mean she would not suffer.