Carl and Julia woke up bright and early the next morning. Carl was so excited at Julia’s accepting his proposal that he had hardly slept. She, on the other hand, had slept like a baby, dreaming of how she hoped their life would be. She wanted at least 3 c***dren, and he wanted that many, or MORE. SHE wouldn’t mind the more, considering what it would take to get them. THAT WAS THE FUN PART!!!

She had asked her Mom about how it felt to give birth. Her Mom had laughed, and told her, “Sweetheart. I’m NOT going to lie to ya. It hurts like crazy when it’s happening. The pain is worth it, though. When you take that little bundle of your love in your arms, and it nuzzles against you and takes your nipple in its mouth to suck the milk from you, it makes it all worth it. There’s nothing in the world that feels so right.”

“Then ya get to watch it grow up to be a man or woman, with YOU and your husband teaching it right from wrong, and it gets even better. SURE!!! There’s gonna be hurts in there. A careless word, someone trying to take it away from you, that don’t give a care about what happens to them. THAT’S PART OF THE DEAL!!! YOU GOT TO MAKE IT RIGHT!!! SOMETIMES YOU WIN, AND SOMETIMES YA DON’T. Ya gotta take the good with the bad. Like with what happened to you. I wanted to kill all 3 of em. So did your Granny, and your Daddy. We held back, ’cause we knew we wouldn’t do you any good if WE were in prison.”

THANK GOD, the Police got there as soon as they did! Another minute or 2 and I would have fixed both of them boys. Police grabbed my arm an’ took the scissors from me. “Hold on, Ma’am, they told me. WE will take care of them for you. No need for you to get in trouble over the likes of them.” I hugged and kissed all of ’em before they left. Then I wrote a letter to their Chief, and tole HIM what fine, upstanding, young men he had, and how I appreciated their help.”

“We ALL sweated blood for the next 3 months. Believe it or NOT!!! Bobcat an’ Boomer was crying over it. Your 2 older brothers ,were AS worried, or maybe even more than Daddy an’ me. They almost had to be locked up. THEY was gonna go and wait outside the jail, just in case, and jump ’em if they came out. THAT’S why both of ’em took such good care of ya, and spent their time tryin’ ta make up to ya. They BOTH ‘fessed up to tryin’ ta get in ya pants. Daddy had to go outside, so’s they wouldn’t see his face, and’ I broke down an’ cried like a baby.

Julia woke up and the first thing she saw, was Carl’s face, less than an inch above hers. He kissed her as soon as he saw her eyes open. She threw the covers back, and pulled him on top of her naked body, her legs open wide. “Make love to me, My Darling. Fill me up and give me our first c***d. I want to feel you, and it, inside of me, as soon as possible.”