There was a call on my mobile. I was walking on the street on the way back home. There were a lot of other pedestrians around but as I walked quickly, I hoped that nobody would hear me answering the phone as slaveslut Guenter, the cocksucking and ass fucked sissyfag from Laubenheim. It was Mistress Cora, the other neighbour knowing me as slave. She giggled when she heard my voice, “How is that being at the mercy of others?” she asked. “I like it, Mistress Cora.” “Would you like to be at my mercy?” “Yes, Mistress Cora.” “Are you sure? ” “Yes, Mistress Cora,” I knew I had no alternative that to confirm.

“Then go home and chain yourself spread-eagled to the hooks in your study, and put your crocodile nipple clamps on.” Was it her who had fixed the hooks? I couldn´t imagine. “Yes, Mistress Cora,” I said.

I was anxious when I stripped in my study and eventually locked padlock after padlock displaying me naked in my chastity belt chained to the ceiling. The door of my house was open because of the respective standing order and I was now vulnerable exposed the everybody who might enter my house. I had expected that Mistress Cora would arrive but nothing happened. Hour by hour passed, my uncertainty rose and rose.

Then suddenly my mobile rang. I had put it on my desk, out of my reach. No way to answer the call and I know that would mean heavy punishment. Again, another hour passed. Then Mistress Cora entered. She was not alone. Three other Ladies were with her and there was a lot of laughter when they saw me. “I didn´t believe you, Cora, when you told me,” one of the Ladies said.

“Tell my friends who you are.

“I am slaveslut Guenter, the cocksucking and ass fucked sissyfag from Laubenheim.” Obviously, these Ladies were colleagues of her bridge club and that means living in our town.

Apart from my chastity belt I was naked and all three ladies fully dressed. I saw that they looked at my tattoo presenting me with the word SLAVE below my navel and going around me the other tattoo Marcel was here and many others, too. Lady Cora switched on my PC, I had to disclose her my password, and then she opened that file slaveslut Guenter from Laubenheim.

All four Ladies giggled and laughed watching that file again and again. Held by my chains I presented myself as life actor of that video. One of the Ladies asked Mistress Cora to mail the file to her and the two others joined her in that wish. I knew, they would further circulate this file and soon a lot of more people in our town would have it.

“Tell me, slave, how was that getting whipped and stuffed by a crowd of Latinos?” one of them asked. I didn´t know what to answer thus I kept quiet. Suddenly, I felt a stinging whip on my back. Mistress Cora had hit me with full power with a riding crop. I could not help yelling.