“Mistress, I like it to get whipped and fucked by Masters and by Mistresses.” What a humiliation in front of Ladies I never had seen before.

“Open your mouth, slave!” I obeyed and Mistress Cora spit a big load of spittle into my mouth. “Tell us, slave, do you like my spittle?” in order to be able to answer I had to swallow her saliva. “Yes, Mistress Cora.” “What else, slave?” “I like the taste of your pee, Mistress.” They laughed. “What else, slave?” “I would like to taste the cum of your lover, Mistress Cora.” Again, a laughter from all the Ladies. “Tell us how you licked the cum out of Nasch´s pussy after she had fun with Michi, slave!”

It was clear that Mistress Cora wanted to humiliate me to the utmost in front of her friends. I had to outline every detail how I licked Mistress Natascha, carefully cleaning her from each single drop of Master Michail´s cum. Then I had to explain how much I like my sissy uniform with the bra and the butt plug and to offer them to come to their place and work for them in my sissy uniform as a housemaid. “Agreed, slave.” I was going to become a public sissy, known by neighbours and a lot of other inhabitants in our town as a slave and slut, as a cocksucker with the right for practically everybody to dominate me.

“Why didn´t you answer the phone, slave?” Mistress Cora suddenly asked. That meant it was her who had phoned earlier this evening. Silly question I thought, how could I answer her call after she had ordered me to chain myself spread eagled to the ceiling of the study. “Answer, slave!” “The mobile was out of my reach, Mistress Cora.”

“You are a silly idiot, slave,” I heart Mistress Cora saying, “Why didn´t you take the mobile in your hand? Being in chains doesn´t give you relief from the standing order to answer the phone immediately. I will take care that you will be punished and whipped without mercy. I will talk to Tanuschka to make it hell for you.”