From the office I went directly downtown and headed for a restaurant. This had been a normal working day for me, not being a slave but an executive. My lady’s handbag was more or less hidden in a plastic bag. As it was a warm summer evening, I decided to have some food sitting outdoors in a street cafe in the pedestrian area. There was a pretty waitress with big boobs only half covered, so I decided to ask her for a recommendation instead of looking into the menu. In this very moment the mobile rang. What to do? From the recent experience I did not dare wait answering it. “slaveslut Guenter, the cocksucking and ass fucked sissyfag from Laubenheim,” I felt that I coloured up and saw the perplexed reaction of the waitress.

It was Mistress Natascha, my neighbour. ” Where are you, slut?” She ordered me to report immediately to Her. So, I explained to the waitress that I a client wanted to see me immediately, paid my drink and gave her a good tip. From her diabolic sneering I understood, she got it that I was slaveslut Guenter, the cocksucking and ass fucked sissyfag from Laubenheim on the way to a client, on the way to do my job as cocksucking and assfucking slut.

When I reported to Mistress Natascha there was another bad surprise. Mistress Natascha was not alone, her husband was opening the door. Being neighbours, we had one and the other small talk together so I said ” Good evening, Michail, may I speak to Mistress Natascha.” Instead of an answer I got a slap in the face. Mistress Natascha´s husband is boxing, a real athlete, much stronger than me. “Come in!”

Mistress Natascha was sitting on the couch, dressed in a black mini leather outfit and high black boots. She just pointed to her boots, being a clear order to lick them. I blushed, the presence of Michail made it most humiliating for me to obey. But then I did not dare hesitating any longer, went down on my knees in front of her, and started licking her boots. “Did he tell you who he is, Michi?” this was a silly question as she was absolutely aware that her husband knew me. “No, he only asked for you!” Michail answered to his wife. “Then we will make sure that he never again will forget to introduce himself properly.

Tell Michi who you are!”

“This is slaveslut Guenter, the cocksucking and ass fucked sissyfag from Laubenheim.”

I knew that there would be never again small talk, but only humiliation for me. “Herr Doktor Hofmeister, a cock sucker,” Michail laughed, “a sissy and a slut.”

“Strip, slut,” Mistress Natascha commanded and only moments later I displayed myself with nothing on but my chastity belt. Michail laughed again and asked his wife, “Do you have the key?” “No, the key is with a gay called Marcel. He and his friend train our housemate as a slut for males. Have a look in his handbag, Michi.”