So a few years ago I bumped into an old friend of mine while out at a bar in Dallas. We struck up a conversation and brought up old times. We never were in the same class of friends she was allot smarter and always involved in school functions. Me on the other had was always in trouble and messed up on d**gs or alcohol, the party a****l. Well Beth and I continued our conversation for months after our meeting via e-mail and text messages. One day she asked me to meet her for breakfast and so we met. After breakfast she asked me if I minded going shopping with her. I accepted the invitation and we went to the local mall. Once in we walked around pretty much window shopping until we got to Victoria Secrets. She said here we go and we went in. Hell I did not mind being surrounded bay all the lace and see through garments.

Well Beth picked a few items out and went into the dressing room to try them on. After a few minutes I heard her call me and asked that I step up to the door. Once I was at the door she opened it and WOW there she stood all decked out in some sexy panties and bra and did not leave much for the imagination. She smiled as she looked at the delight on my face only to ask “So do you like it should I buy it” I responded “I think maybe you should try a few other on to make sure its the right one for you” She closed the door and repeated this step about four times and each time had the same results the WOW factor. Looking at her dressed in this way had made my cock so hard I was hoping my shirt tail would cover it up. She stepped out and went to the cashier and we left with bags in tow. She asked if I like to come over for a drink at her place and I accepted another one of her invites.

I followed her to her apartment and once inside she made us a couple of drinks. She told me she wanted to get into something a little more comfortable and disappeared into her bedroom. I a few minutes she stepped out in a very sexy laces outfit that for sure left nothing for the imagination. I could see her small but hard nipples through the sheer fabric as well as make out her pussy through the sheer fabric that barely covered her pussy. I was instantly hard while looking her up and down. “Do you like this outfit” She asked “Oh I love it very nice looking on your body very nice looking” She then turned and went back into her bedroom and on her return she had this whit see through lacey outfit on and it was all I could do to control me from taking her right then and there. “How about this one” Beth asked but this time I did not say a word I leaned back to help accent my bulge in my pants. I looked at her and then down at the bulge in my pants. She knew what I needed and as she eased down between my legs she reached out undid my belt and pants. slowly pulling them down to my ankles. She untied my shoes and removed them and then pulled my pants off. My cock was bouncing around from it throbbing so hard. She then unbutton my shirt and removed it as well as my undershirt. As she did this she leaned in and kissed one of my nipples sending a shock wave of pleasure throughout my body. She sensed this and went for the other nipple. Back and forth to each nipple licking, kissing and now biting them. As she sensed what this was doing to me.