I introduce my Directive called “All About Cock” to slutty Katin as well her mother Sylvia. Furthermore mother Sylvia observes and supports, when I fuck daughter Katin’s pussy

# Katin, turn me onThe big ass of slutty Katin is hidden in a black, skin tight and net like underbutt hotpant which emphasizes her monster ass properly. Furthermore her football sized silicon tits are put into a black, skin tight and net like shirt encases these big, hard and massive boobs perfectly. Katin is fully body shaved, except the hairy trapeze above her pussy. The edges of the trapeze she shaves.

It is a usual night, the guests served by sexy Katin tonight. Katin is getting a lot of tip due to her hot outfit, as each night she does. I am behind the bar mixing the drinks, dressed as usual Jeans, Shirt and sneakers.

Katin is passing me few times, moving very sexy which shows me she wants to get fucked. Therefore I assume that is the perfect time to introduce my Directive called “All About Cock” to Katin.

# Katin, wait for me

Later this evening all guests are gone. It is just Katin an me left at the restaurant to take cleaning. When Katin comes back from kitchen to pick up more dirty dishes from guest tables, she passes me again. I grab her chin like a sandwich between my thumb and fingers, which brings her to stop. I hold her face in directed to look up to me when I tell her: “I want your pussy!”. Meanwhile I am holding her mouth still squeezed like a sandwich in my hand. Of course, Katin tries to smile at me. Then I let her go and call after her: Wait on the stairs for me!”. Katin just: “Mmmmmmhmmm okay I love to wait there!”.

# Katin, I surprise you naked

When I appear downstairs I surprise Katin fully naked. My cock is not close to be stiffed. I am standing there and I am looking up to her. Katin is already sitting in her hot dress on one of the higher stairs and has her trained legs spread. She shows me by this leg spread, that her pussy is open for business. I tell her: “Lift your body up from the stair and support the position by your hands behind yourself. Keep your legs spread!”. Of course Katin follows my command and does it. She does it almost the right way, I just add: “Spread your legs maximally, bitch!”.

# Katin, I climb up to you

Then I go on my knees at the beginning of the stairs. She has a big smile in her face and looks to me, when I am climbing on all fours to her. I am crawling up to her, not loosing eye contact to her one time. She is still looking at me keeping smiling and spread her legs even more. Arrived one stair step below Katin, I keep on my knees, have my upper body up in straight position and spread my legs a bit.