# My next rule for Katin: Balls out

I tell Katin: “Sometimes, whores are very talented to penetrate my cock, that the balls disappear in the body like the did now. This is an automatic procedure coming from nature to hold the balls warm before they unload. In this case your task is to avoid the situation that the balls are going into my body. If the balls go into my body you need to suck them out again!”. Just spoke out Katin suck them out again, first left ball and then right ball.

# Release of Katin again

I tell Katin: “Good job, I catch your pussy later. Go cleaning again!”. Just spoke out, I turn around go away not looking back to Katin again.

My full stiffed cock is ready to fuck Katin’s pussy. Anyhow the pussy need to be ready too. Therefore the real painful part for Katin of this chapter begins now.

# Pussy call

I am standing close to the bar when I hear Katin calling loud and clear: “My pussy is yours today! Find her and fuck her now, pleeeeeeaaaaaseeeee!”.

# Call my mom

Just heard, I call Sylvia: “Hey lovely mother, I just slapped your daughter around and I have disciplined her with my rules according my Directive…. Okay, I have to go. Your slutty daughter requests a rape of her pussy. I just want to tell you, that my full stiffed dick is going to your daughter right now. Soon I find her pussy I fuck her pussy! … So just join us! … and hurry up to come before the fun is over!”.

# Michel, find my pussy

My next thought is I have no idea where Katin actually is, but I will find her. Anyway, I call back: “Hey sweetheard, I am on my way to find your pussy! … When I find her, I fuck her.”. During I speak that sentence out, I am already looking around the bar for some things to carry with me. Yes, there it is. Just underneath the table where I put it before: A lockjaw for whore mouths and usual parcel tape for packages. Then I hang the lockjaw around my full erected cock.

The lockjaw is hanging over my cock, and bouncing against my balls and the parcel tape I have in my left hand, when I walk through the empty restaurant looking for Katin. When I think about what Katin may thinks when she sees my little surprises, this let my full erected cock getting even harder. I feel it, the hardness almost hurt.

I stop In front of the stairs and I look upstairs. There she is. Katin is sitting in her hot dress on one of the higher stairs again. She has her trained and shaved legs spread again. She shows me by this leg spread, that her pussy is open for business. This time she does it right, she lift her body up from the stair and support the position by your hands behind herself.