Still I have the lockjaw around my cock, which I present right now to waiting Katin. Katin is looking at my full erected cock and discovering the mouth lockjaw and the parcel tape in my left hand. She is just responding: “Oh my goodness! That means nothing good for me!”. I just answer: “No worries, I will be gentle and not using your tight throat for fuck today!”.

Then I climb the stairs on all fours to slutty Katin, who is smiling at me. Arrived in front of her, I bring my upper body up in straight position, but keep on my knees below her. In fact I have my knees beside her feet. The parcel tape I put beside me on the stairs.

# Pussy found!

I look at her and tell her: “No hotpant bitch!”. Katin is looking at me, smiles and answers: “Yes, Sir!”. Immediately she looks down to her pleasure center and close her legs again, I look down too, grab the net like underbutt hotpant on the elastic band of the pants left and right side and asks her: “Just for your knowledge, when my cock is finding your pussy in few seconds, I know he wants to assault her!”. Katin doesn’t comment this and is still looking down. She observes how I hold her underbutt hotpant ready to pull down. Then I pull the pants over her both fresh shaved legs very slowly and she adds: “Oh my god!”. I pulls the pant off her and put the netlike thing on the stairs just beside the parcel tape. Then Katin spreads her legs again and is saying: “Congratulations … you have found my pussy ! … Now fuck my pussy hard, pleeeeeaaaaaaase!”. I notice that and increase spreading her legs by pushing against her knee ankles to left and right side even more. Katin acknowledges this with an light suffering “Aaaaahhhhh!”.

# Michael, please turn my pussy on

I come closer, that my cock head is touching Katin’s pussy carefully. Keeping this I ask Katin: “When was the last time, I fucked your pussy?”. Katin answers, accompinied by moaning for pleasure: “I don’t know, just push’em in!”. I tell her “You are still dry down there … At first, we need to wet your pleasure center!”. Katin doesn’t hear everything, she is still moaning for pleasure try to rub my cock head along her pussy.

# Parcel tape bonding of Katin

First, I tape her left ankle on a supporting beam of the handrail left side, secondly I tape her right ankle the same way at the supporting beam right side. Katin observes curious the bonding I do at her ankles, but she doesn’t ask back any questions or do something against this action. It looks like she is even turned on by this. As described, Katin is using her hands to support her body in order to hold it over the stair. I bond her both wrists together too.