# Compassion?

When I look at her eyes, there is this feeling again. Yes I feel it right now in my body: satisfaction. I guess I need to see her suffering in order that I fell better. Therefore I keep doing. Mouth taped, back to pussy.

She is screaming through the tape and tears rolling down her face cheeks when I push further the hotpant piece by piece into her pussy. Personally I doesn’t imagine how much this may hurt. I cannot think about this, otherwise I will show compassion and I risk to stop the push in. It is even very hard for me, it fells like I will break my fingers when I push the thing into her cunt.

My fore and middle finger of my left hand are still pushing in. Then I take my other hand to slap her pussy. I slap few times in between and tell her pleasure center same time: “Let me in you damn fucking pussy … let me in!”. After a while and a lot of screaming and tears, I got the pant in.

# Rip off my shirt and surround my head with it

Then I take the collar of her shirt and rip the shirt of her. I need to build up momentum few times to pull the shirt off her completely. During I rip of the net like shirt off her body, Katin is frightened staring and still silent due to the mouth tape at me. Next, I pull over her netlike shirt over her head. Because it is net like, still she can see and breath through. Pulled over her head, I tighten it and secure the netlike shirt with tape around her throat.

# Equip the lockjaw

I hook my fore and middle finger both hands into the net like shirt in front of Katin’s mouth. Then I move the fingers left and rigth in order to rip of a hole at the level of her mouth. Next, I rip off the tape from Katin’s mouth again. Done, I tell Katin: “Open your mouth, whore! The lockjaw is for you”. She immediately does it. Next Katin get the lockjaw hanging around my cock at her mouth attached. I stretch it much as possible and increase even more, when Katin is already whimpering. Attached, Katin is still staring at me and whimpering same time. Of course I am smiling at Katin and tell her: “You never looked prettier!”.

# Family contribution: surprise by mother

I tell Katin: Before we start, I have a little surprise for you and supporter for me my sweetheart!”. Just spoke out, I hear somebody climbing the stairs up. It can only be the mother of Katin. Sylvia climbs the stairs up on all fours. I keep on my knees and without looking back if she really it is, I command Sylvia: “Come behind me, bitch!”. Sylvia doesn’t answer and just do it, she goes in same position I am.