Sylvia brings her upper body part in straight position. Few seconds later Sylvia clings her body direct on my back, put her hands on my hips. She must be naked, because I can feel her nipples pushing against my back as well as her private hair is pushing against my ass. Also, when I look down to her hands on my hips, I see Sylvia is holding left hand her yellow bikini pant and right hand her yellow triangle bra. Next, I take Sylvia’s bikini pant and triangle bra to hang it over my cock.

# Family contribution: mother drives daughter & me crazy

Sylvia is just direct behind me, looks over my left shoulder direct at Katin. Surprised, immediately Katin tries to close her legs automatically. She cannot due to the bonding of her ankles to the beams of the handrail left and right. Anyway, I slap her legs left and right same time accompanied by saying: “No worries, your pussy keeps open for Sylvia and me!”.

Sylvia comes with her mouth direct beside my ear that I hear her breathing. She is waiting there for a second and then she whispers in my ear: “I am here darling, ready to do everything you want!”. I am just answering: “Good bitch!” and bring my left hand around our both together pressed bodies to slap her left ass cheek few times from this position.

Sylvia put her hands on my shoulders each and still looks over my left shoulder direct at Katin and tells her daughter: “Oh Sweetie, you look a little bit tensed and stressed. Wasn’t Michael nice to you?”.

# My next rule for Katin & Sylvia: The mother and daughter agreement

Because mothers are doing everything for their daugthers that they not get hurt I tell both whores: “When ever mother Sylvia isn’t following my commands, daughter Katin gets punished instead! … Understand?”. Immediately Katin answers: Yes, Sir!”.

This is the right time to introduce Sylvia to my first both rules “Yes, Sir!” and “Thank You, Sir!” same way I did with Katin before.

# My next rule for Katin: pussy puking

I tell Katin: “Next, you get a diet program which wet your pussy and my cock same time. This will serve as lubrication for upcoming pussy fuck! For this, Sylvia will empty your stomach!”. I turn my head to right side to Sylvia who is still in position, direct behind me and looks over my right shoulder. I tell Sylvia: “Sweetie, you rae my personal lubricating assistant. For this, you make sure cock and pussy are wet all time!”. Sylvia smiles and answers: “Yes, Siiiirrr!” and rubs her body on my body.

Then I tell Sylvia further: “Just put your fore and middle finger in Katin’s throat entrance. Wait there, till gagging starts and don’t pull your fingers off, before I tell you! Don’t be afraid, the mouth lockjaw will help you that her daughter doesn’t bite your fingers in between!”.