Therefore I stop and same time I move her head through head hair this much down, that her eyes look direct to my cock. This gives me access to her neck. Therefore I give her five times slap with the flat hand direct at the neck. Then I pull her face by head hair up again, that she is looking at me again. Katin looks a little bit disoriented.

I don’t let much time in between the next action and tell Katin: “Okay the last slaps follow now and may hurt most as well as cause headache!”. Meanwhile I clench a fist with my left hand and I am further holding her head hair with my right hand. Then I give her five hard donkey punches direct at her head and another five on her forehead accompanied by saying her the sentence: “Let me gift you some headache!”. For these last bunch of slapping she wasn’t prepared for and she really freaks out. I keep holding her head hair tight in my hand and move my other hand back to her pussy. I look at her eyes and proceed with pussy pampering by telling her: “Come down, it’s over!”.

Curious thing for me is, I feel way much better than before. My hate feelings to her I almost forgot. It is like, the more I punch Katin more I obtain satisfaction for me. She is not a bad person at all, but still I think she deserve it.

# Fully body slapping: pussy slaps for Katin

Therefore I want to let her suffer more and want to take some attention to ypur pleasure center. In fact I give her three consecutive and soft pussy slaps with the same hand which is pampering her clit right now. Katin answers with: “Ohhh fuck … Thank you Sir!”.

Still I hold her head hair and I lead her head down. She is looking down and see my hand which I am holding in front of her pussy ready to slap again. Due to the distance of my hand she really fast recognizes this slap will hurt. I ask Katin: “Ready?” and intuitive Katin tries to close her legs a bit. I call out: “Keep your legs spread!” and same time I slap her pussy one time very hard. Immediately she wants to close her legs accompanied by a horrible cry. The sound is short and intense same time. When she tries to close her legs, I spread them maximal open with both hands again. Katin is whimpering and begging me: “Please, Sir … don’t slap my pussy!”. I yield to her request, knowing she get bashed later on way harder. Instead I look at her and answer her: “Sorry darling, I want treat your pussy nice as possible in order get a chance to fuck her later on!”.

Next I stand up and proceed talking to Katin: “Well done, look my cock is rock hard now, but I pick you later for pussy fuck! Now, you stand up and do clean the tables further. “. Spoke out I go downstairs to the bar again, I do not turn back again to look at her. I just leave her, I do not taking further attention to her for now.