# Fully body slapping: ass slaps for Katin are missing

When I crossed Katin’s way again, I turn around and give her one ass slap accompanied by telling her: “I still miss some ass slaps for you!”. Katin is kind of horny, even when she is still hypnotized because of the slaps everywhere she just received before and answers: “Uhhh nice … I mean Yes, Sir! We need to follow up on this.”.

A word and a blow. Moments later Katin is leaning backwards on the handrail in first floor. The slut presses her ass up and back on the top side of the handrail. Additionally she does a hollow back to emphasize her ass. This big monster ass is presented above the edge of the handrail. Her underbutt hotpant she pulled down only over her ass, not more. In this position she is calling loud: “Hey Michael, my ass still needs some attention from you!”.

Standing in front of the stairs, I surprise the well rounded girl fully naked and with fullly stiff cock again. When I goes upstairs, Katin turns her head downstairs and is smiling in my direction. She says: “Oh my god, a full erected cock with two fresh shaved balls are arriving right now. May I catch some ass slaps from you?”. Additionally Katin is bouncing her heavy duty ass on the handrail in order to present it properly. Her ass is going up and dash back down against the top of handrail again and again.

# Fully body slapping: ass slaps for Katin have to wait, instead: ass cheek lick

I am coming closer to Katin and stop behind her. I lean down, my face beside her bouncing monster ass. Obviously it smells like my favorite perfume somewhere. I just say: “What a nice smell of my favorite perfume I recognize!”. Katin is even more smiling and answers: “I slathered my ass with this lovely perfume!”. I add: “Wow, delicous perfume distributed on a delicious ass like this! … Oh my god I need to lick your fat ass cheeks first before I slap them!”.

Without further comments I am going on my knees direct behind Katin and I am moving my head closer to Katin’s giant ass, which is still moving. I tell her: “Stop moving, big butt whore!” and she answers “Yes, Sir!”. My nose comes so close to her left booty side, that it is almost touching it. I grab her hotpant left and right and just hold it. Still I am looking at this ass cheeks, when I am asking Katin: “Are you ready for my tongue?” and Katin moans this much she can and answers: “Yeeeeeeees, Siiiiiiiiiiiir!”. Then I lick her left ass cheek up and down, left and right. Of course Katin still moans for pleasure. After a while, her right ass cheek gets the same attention by my tongue, as the left one got before.

# Fully body slapping: catch up on ass slaps for Katin